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Have lived in the Greenville, NC market for my entire life except for several years when I attended UNC-Chapel Hill and received my degree in Communication Studies. I have been passionate and obsessively following local real estate ever since I owned my first home.


I have owned several homes personally and have rehabbed and even built my current home myself. However, so far I have used (only) my own homes as investments but I am starting down the road as a full-time RE investor. I probably have more experience with RE than the average joe, but not nearly enough yet to be a RE investing pro, so I'm in a mad dash to educate myself. I have some experience with the construction industry (remodeling and new construction) and I consider myself very knowledgeable of my local market.

Real Estate Goals

At this point I plan to start slowly and invest in short-term (rehab) properties to build some additional capital, but transition into mostly buy and hold properties as I go. I envision owning a large enough rental property portfolio to provide sufficient cash flow to replace my (job) income and also build substantial long-term net worth.

Currently Seeking

Education, networking, and more of a fine-tuned, planned approach to investing so I can start out right!




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