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Big 1399559015 avatar jeffcoga

Jeff Coga

  • Developer from Hollywood, California
  • Capital Redevelopment Group LLC

  • 61 Colleagues
  • 11 Following

Jeff has 61 Colleagues

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Small 1399346715 avatar lawholesaler

Stephen Moore
Real Estate Investor
Lake Charles, LA

Small 1399381176 avatar azjt

Jerry T.
Residential Landlord
Litchfield Park, Az

Small 1399694662 avatar noel l

Noel Lumbo
Philadelphia, PA

Jeff has 28 Followers

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No avatar small

Adam Nguyen
Costa Mesa, CA

Small 1427945657 avatar docmelcharles07

Melissa Charles
Thousand Oaks, CA

No avatar small

Mike Sam
Real Estate Investor
San Diego, CA

Small 1399738275 avatar animashaun

Animashaun Washington
Los Angeles, CA

Small 1399659639 avatar floridaforme

Edward Sklar
Involved In Real Estate
Boca Raton, FL

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Small 1399588694 avatar vegas89147

Johnny Flewellen
Real Estate Investor
Las Vegas, NV

Small 1399582197 avatar lruano

Lawrence Ruano
Moorpark, CA

No avatar small

Account Closed
Brooklyn, NY