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New to the REI business. I have a burning desire to learn and succeed. My burning desire has lead me to search for correct information and instructions. I am a father of three and a grand father of one. I love my family and feel I still have the ability even at 49 to make this happen. I have been a beliver of free enterprise as long as I can remember. I currently work in the retail industry. I know that success in Real Estate is possible, people will always need a place to live and owning a home will always be apart of the great american dream. I know that before the end of this year I will attain my dream for the sake of my family, chiildren and grand children.


I have been involved in real estate investing for the past two years. My focus has just gotten back to basics in the last year. Most of my deals have been done in the state of PA, POCONO region. Currently im looking to start a new REI club in the Pocono area where I feel there is a great opportunite for investors.

Real Estate Goals

Start a new REI club in the Pocono Area. Work with other investors to close on a land deal in the next 10 months.

Currently Seeking

Other REI in the Pocono PA area.



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