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My career is in high tech and has been for many years. The field is constantly changing and always interesting.

Real Estate is a passion that I have had for quite some time but it isn't designed to replace my day job. I have been researching the local real estate market for a number of years and started buying properties 2 years ago.


I own a couple of properties in the Western Chicago suburbs and am enjoying the experience of being a real estate investor/property manager.

Real Estate Goals

To leverage Real Estate to provide for a robust retirement, of course!

My short term goal is to buy 1-2 properties a year until we own 10. We have started with condos and are now ready for single family homes & duplexes. All the while we are keeping our options open to other methods of RE investing (trading up, multifamily, etc.).

Currently Seeking

I would like to meet like minded individuals and mentors in the Western Suburbs. Mainly to share knowledge and experiences. If this happens to lead to more business, then so be it!




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