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I am currently a Area Supervisor w/ McDonald's supervising overall operations of a patch of restaurants in Shreveport, Louisiana. As with many of the BP community I am investing on nights/weekends to accomplish my long term goals.


Currently I own a handful of rental properties.

My current strategy: To purchase properties rehab them and completed a cash-out refinance. This is the strategy that I used on all except the first house. I have had my ups and downs but I have pushed through and this strategy fits currently.

Involved in local REIA and local unofficial BP meet up.

Real Estate Goals

My goals are to continue to build my rental portfolio (Currently have 5) and grow by 1-2 a year (this is realistic for me currently).

My 5 year plan (approximately by 2017) is to have enough cash flow through my rentals to pursue real estate full time.

I would like to venture unto "flipping" preferably with a partner within the next year. I just want to have enough cash flow through rentals to support the business.

Update: 4 goals for 2014
1) Become a licensed Realtor in state of Louisiana
2)Continue to grow utilizing private investors. Currently, I have completed one transaction with private money and it went seamlessly
3) Work on my negotiation skills.
4) Continue networking with local investors.

Currently Seeking

Always I am seeking to learn something new about real estate investing. A day doesn't pass that I don't read the informative posts from the contributors on BP and am continually "sharpening the saw".



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