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Oroton will provide financing to distressed real estate investors that have initiated a transaction in the distressed real estate market and need interim financing for a very short-term duration of 1-3 business days.

In addition to standard transaction financing, Oroton provides financing to distressed real estate investors that are engaged in transactions that may require transaction financing for up to 90 days. This extended transactional financing is for only SELECT clients.

In all instances where a third party investor is requesting transactional financing, Oroton will work one-on-one with said investor to create strategies that assist the investor to minimize financing duration saving the investor time and money and mitigating duration and risk to Oroton.


Oroton Equities is a private, entrepreneurial Real Estate Financing and Investment Company, founded in New York with offices located in New York City, Brooklyn and Cincinnati.

Real Estate Goals

Oroton also invests in distressed real estate transactions acting as principal. However, when acting as a financier, it is Oroton’s objective to continuously roll over its capital as quickly as possible.

Oroton has been, and continues to take advantage of a truly imperfect market in distressed real estate. With banks having lending criteria that are not functional so that borrowers cannot refinance and as such banks are selling troubled properties at below real market value to avoid carrying costs; Oroton and other investors are buying these properties at distressed prices. In this imperfect market, Oroton and its network of professional contacts are able to enter into relatively risk free financing and principal transactions that generate disproportionate returns mitigating risk.

Oroton is regularly presented with distressed residential and commercial real estate opportunities and it will evaluate each such opportunity on its merits. The advantage of commercial transactions is that they are larger. If relatively larger commercial transactions can be done on Oroton’s internal transaction terms, they will get priority treatment. But this does not preclude Oroton from investing and financing deals in the residential market as this market is and always has been one of Oroton’s core focuses.

Currently Seeking

With an industry focus on distressed Real-Estate based investors and firms, Distressed Real-Estate acquisitions, and Distressed real estate arbitrage, Oroton can invest as both a passive or active partner, providing interim financing on a transactional level. Oroton provides capital on a variety of levels including standard transactional financing of 1-3 days, as well as more extended transaction financing ranging from two weeks to ninety (90) days for Distressed commercial and residential real-estate transactions.



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