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Well hello everyone, yes, I am new to BP, and love it already. I joined quite some time back, and just within the last week started checking everything out. This site is AMAZING, and packed full of some very great information!!! No matter how far along you are in this game, I think there is always something you can learn. I am still a "newbie" investor, but I will make it up there to the top someday! I am willing to do what I have to, to be successful! I do not want to work at a 9-5 for the rest of my life, work my butt off, and not have nothing to show for it! I am young so I will spend many hours right now investing into what will change my life in the future! I am hear to learn as much as I can, as well as share any information that might be helpful to others! I want to be able to give more than receive! Hope things are great for everyone, take care, and God Bless!!!
Sabrina Laplante

Real Estate Goals

Flip 4 houses, purchase 1-2 rentals, and work on acquiring 1 Mobile Home Park along with Lonnie Deals, all in the Arizona area in 2013.

Currently Seeking

Private/Hard Money and Real Estate Lawyer in Prescott, AZ area



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