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I have spent 26 years in the oil industry. I quit two years ago when it became a job and not an adventure. I quit to become a full time real estate investor. I have several houses and duplexes and am a partner in a 440 unit apartment complex. I am looking for a hotel now. At meetings I have been asked by potential investors how I can prove I am honest since they do not know me from Adam. Well I have a concealed carry license so I have been fingerprinted and checked out by the FBI and they feel I am moral enough to carry a concealed firearm. When in the oil field I had a TWIC card to go into "sensitive areas" what ever that is, which means that again I was finger printed and checked out by the FBI to insure that I am not a terrorist and am moral enough to be allowed in "sensitive areas". My wife and I have fostered Children for the State of Texas for eight years before adopting the last 2 we were fostering. I had a license to foster so that means again I was checked out by the FBI to ensure I do not abuse children and am moral enough to care take for children for the state of Texas.
I go to the Vineyard church of Conroe and if you ask I can give you Pastor Raymond McDonald's number and you can ask him about me.
I believe in win win solutions and want everyone to have a good experience in the deal. I like to pay my investors high returns on their money so we can do it again and again.
God Bless


I own 8 rental houses, 6 duplexes and am a partner in a 440 unit apartment complex. I have bought off the court house steps, from real estate agents and from whole salers. I have done complete rehabs from the studs in. I have tangled with the city of Houston inspections office. I am a member of the Real estate Investment Club of Houston, Lifestyles real estate club, Wealth club in Houston, and RI5 investment club.

Real Estate Goals

To own several hotels and cash flow so that I am not dependent on the government or anyone else for my living. I am willing and able to take people with me that want to work out financial security. Hotels are a team sport and I need some financial team members that either have some money to invest for interest and ownership or good credit so we can get a loan for me to pay off. Good credit means min. 700, 750 or higher is better and you must have 2-3 revolving credit cards in use. My score is only 640.

Currently Seeking

A hotel. Owner financing is offered and need 300K to get into it. Cash flows currently and can do better. Offering interest on the money and % ownership in hotel. contact me at 936-203-0604 or [email protected]
If you have good credit you can be a credit partner. We can get a $200K loan at the business Finance Store and you will be a 10% owner for helping me land the loan.



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