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Seasoned Real Estate Professional who is results driven. My philosophy to achieving success is that drive, dedication, and determination will help you reach your goals in life more so than the stronghold of procrastination.


I started my real estate career - first by shawdowing other real estate professionals who had a wealth of knowledge to share with a Newbie. I leveraged my experience in the industry and soon would acquire a real estate license, in 2006; quickly learning that if I wanted to make substantial income becoming an investor was where it was at!

I learned along the way that drive, drive, dedication, and determination would be key factors to success.

Real Estate Goals

The real estate goals I wish to achieve, short-term, would be to build my real estate portfolio; acquiring wholesale properties and using them to leverage my long-term goals as HML.

Ultimately, I would like to mentor other newbies and continue learning from seasoned investors.

Currently Seeking

I am currently seeking to build long-term relationships with seasoned investors, nationwide.

I am open to learning and partnering with those who have extensive knowledge in the realm of real estate investing; buy/hold, fix/flip, wholesale opportunities that will allow me to work hard - play hard.



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