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Been licensed since October of 1969 as CA real estate agent, having become a broker (designated) in January of 1977.

I began on the traditional house side of the business, spending seven years primarily as a listing specialist. I felt my makeup was more naturally suited to the more objective and analytical side -- investments.

Opened Brown and Brown Investment Properties with Dad as partner (I was designated broker) in January of 1977 also. I'm second generation real estate. Was the 'son' in the company at its inception and am now the 'Dad'. That's very cool.

Successfully completed all CCIM classes in 1980, which proved to be a pivot point. Also was blessed to have learned at the feet of several iconic brokers.

I've executed well over 200 tax deferred exchanges. (Stopped countin' at 200.) My first several dozen were before 'delayed' exchanges existed.

I've invested in, owned, and/or flipped pretty much every class of real estate there is.

My passion, and I'm hopelessly addicted, is taking regular folks from their current status quo to retirement -- and I usually insist on being invited to the retirement party. :) I continue cuz I love it, which is code for the addiction continues.


Bought my first piece of real estate in the mid-1970's. (I think it was 1975.) Been a real estate investment broker over three decades.

Real Estate Goals

Met 'em. I'm now lovin' my job showin' folks how to retire well without the hocus pocus of what passes these days as wisdom. My goal is always to put at least one more client into a magnificently abundant retirement.

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