Joshua Dorkin's References

Charles Feldman

Working with Josh is always a truly wonderful experience. You would never go wrong working with him on any enterprise.

Richard Warren

Josh is absolutely awesome to work with. The site offers an outstanding opportunity for everyone, beginner or veteran alike, to broaden his real estate knowledge.

Connie Brzowski

Josh has been a pleasure to work with-- he's professional, his communication skills are excellent and he stays on top of things. I have a ton of respect for him and for the work he's doing around here.

Pat Kitano

Bigger Pockets is the go-to real estate investment source, and Joshua is the master architect...

Account Closed

Josh is simply amazing. He took the time to develop which is nothing short of an amazing site and community. He is understands the needs of the community to openly share information and knowledge! I look forward to many great years dealing with Josh!

Frank Adams

Excellent, always willing to help and provide advice and good questions.

Evelyn Covington

I'm not sure how I first landed on your site, but I'm glad I did! After reading about the no fluff down to earth materials provided on your site, I was VERY impressed. My thoughts were , this.can't be for real, but you proved me wrong. you covered in detail every anxious thought and worry I had about leasing your house. the step by step was , phenomenal!! I have a renewed sense of confidence and I'm excited to stay in connection . Great thanks to you Joshua!!

Relationship: I'm new, but looking forward to working with Joshua/ bigger pockets. Written 28 Oct 12:46