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Udo Ginczek

Laurel, Maryland

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To view this information you must be colleagues with Udo Ginczek, or they must follow you.

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My name is Udo Ginczek the owner of Diversity Realty, LLC and Orbit Financing. We are a real estate investment company based out of Laurel, Maryland that specializes in finding creative solutions to everyday real estate situations. I understand that difficulties can occur in anyone’s life. I’ve faced them myself. That’s why I’m here to help out. My specialty is finding creative solutions for Sellers and Buyers. You see, I take those properties that I bought from sellers who had challenges selling them and in turn work with buyers who have challenges qualifying for traditional financing. The ways I buy houses are: Pay , Lease with an Option to Buy, Owner Financing, and Purchase on a Contract for Deed / Land Contract. More Creative Options can be tailored to your unique situations. My company is part of a larger network of real estate investment companies and I have many resources available to use to help create the right solutions for you. I work directly with Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Appraisers, Attorneys and the Title Companies, so I have a pool of resources at our disposal. Make sure to "friend me" and send me a message.


1 Year wholesaling residential properties.

Real Estate Goals

Wholesaling family houses, multi family properties, and land.

Currently Seeking

I'm looking for family houses, multi family homes, and land in Laurel, Maryland and near by areas, 55% to 60% of ARV minus costs of repairs. I have many buyers who can close in 7 days or less. If you have a property under contract or own please contact me at: [email protected] Please send me price, pictures, comps, and cost of rehab.

About Me

Began Investing January 2012
Member Since August 17, 2012


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