Brett Gibson

  • Rehabber from Colorado Springs, CO
  • Spring Investments Realty LLC

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Joshua Dorkin
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Rich Weese
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sioux falls, SD


John Gibson
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Randolph, MA

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Monica Breckenridge
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Colorado Springs, CO


Michael Q.
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Bakersfield, CA


Brian Burke
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Santa Rosa, CA

I started real estate investing in 2013 focusing on learning and preparing to build my real estate business. I currently work full time supporting brain training centers around the world.
I enjoy travel, hiking, rock climbing, canyoneering, and anything else outdoors. I'm also a brand new dad and look forward to passing down a business for my family.


I'm a student of real estate investing. I read over 25 books this year and made about 50 offers on homes. I flipped one and made a little profit and I'm looking to grow my business exponentially next year.

Real Estate Goals

My goal is to be able to retire by age 40 and own 20 single family homes debt free.

Currently Seeking

I'm currently a cash buyer seeking homes to purchase in the Colorado Springs area for rehabbing and I'm also purchasing homes "subject to". If you in Colorado and would like to discuss investing - please hit me up.




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