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President & Lead Listing Specialist for Stewart Estates at Keller Williams Realty. We help people Buy & Sell homes in san diego county. See My Videos at


The Stewart Estates team consists of only the highest quality of Realtors. Quality over quantiy is our mantra. I am currently ranked one of the highest in the county for customer satisfaction and spend tens of thousands on the best education, technology, and mindset courses in the world. I currently have arguably the best buyers agent in the county on my team. Most of our agents are multi-lingual and highly educated.

Thinking of selling?:We are currently negotiating sellers an average of 106.5% of market value with some properties selling as high as 127% of current market value.

Thinking of buying?: When buying a home with us, our negotiations skills and relationships with local agents, allow us to get offers accepted as low as 64% of market value with an average of 89% od market value.

Need to Short Sale?:When short selling a property we have a 85% success rate of short sales successfully closing without the seller paying anything out of pocket.

See My Videos at

My Team an I have 5 pillars of focus in the Real Estate Business.

1) Selling for top dollar: Call it skill or luck, either way we get home owners more money than other agents. Period.

2) Getting buyers great deals on properties: There is no better team in SD for negotiating a great deal on a home at a rick bottom price.

3) Helping distresses home owners for free: whether they want to short sale, modify their loan, do a BK or any of the 11 options they have. We won't charge them a penny for the direction, information or the service.

4) Luxury Homes: San Diego is full of amazing places to buy Luxury. We have the tools to help you buy or sell your luxury home.

5) Investors: Whether your planning to flip or rent, we have all the connections, info, and expertise investors you need to make profit.

Real Estate Goals

Honest Promises, BIG RESULTS!

I realize that people do business with people they trust. I am interested in what is best for you,
and I am committed to establishing a long-term relationship based on trust. I pride myself on being knowledgeable and staying current with the changes in the industry that will affect the success of your transaction. I feel the responsibility to make your goals and dreams a reality and pursue the right solution enthusiastically.

What I do for you…

I have three major roles as your Realtor.

My first role is your Consultant: Experience shows that a skilled consultant like myself, will
ask you profound intelligent, insightful questions. Knowing what is important to you, is important to me.

My second role is your Negotiator: I treat your money like it’s mine. When it comes to
saving or making you money, I am aggressive and remain committed to a sound course of action for you.

My third role is your Overseer of transactional details: There are over 100 pieces of
paper requiring upwards to 51 signatures and initials, and making a mistake can be very costly to

Every transaction has 100 to 150 phone calls alone, and each one of them is loaded with critical

There are 43 different people from 14 different industries that get involved during the several stages
of your transaction. This is a lot of what I call “integrated complexity” The role of a Realtor is to
guide you through the buying or selling process, taking the time to make sure you understand every
step of the transaction. I am absolutely committed to fulfilling your needs with the highest level of
professionalism, expertise and service. My commitment to your satisfaction is the foundation from
which a solid business relationship is built.



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