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Donna McGill

Taylors, South Carolina

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Hello, My name is Donna,

I feel now is the time for a new avenue. I have a tremendous desire to enter into the real estate buisness. I have gained alot of knowledge over the past year or two and I am more then ready for the challenge.
I am extremly interested in starting out as a Bird Dog . I want to start from the bottom up. Start to finish. Anyone who is interested in my services, Please feel free to contact me.
I truly enjoy the hunt of the diamond in the rough, and have many avenues to do so.
I have always entertained myself by taking back roads, seeing new places and finding fabulous houses and land.

It may very well be my "perfect job."

I am amazed at how much I love to look at real estate, but now from a differant perseptive.
Now I know- you can make some great financial leaps and bounds-
Its just wounderful to find out that what you love can make you money. In that order.
Do what you love, be passionate about what you do, and you will succeed.
In my opinion it is not about the money in any buisness. You may think on any given venture that the money drives you.
I dont think that way. I have to love what I do and feel good about what I am doing. Thats my take on life.
If I can do what I love- which is real estate- and help people with the deals I make-------- and make some money-that is a win- win situation . I will do it.
Thats what I want to do....
Be honest, sincere, love what you do, help people, and make money.
My next avenue is a no brianer, I'm in
Contact me.
But please do not think for one moment that I do not realize there are "UN" settling issues and challenges, for without that it would be really boring, I need a high energy job.
I can handle these issues for you the investor. Hands down. Perfectly. I pride my self on not just schmosing ( My own word LOL) but making sure the seller knows they are making the right choice for them. I am not there to take advantage of them but yet to help them.

There are many differant and difficult situations to handle, some are second nature, some are new opertunities. Bring them on, I can handle it. If there is one thing I know it is People I do not know. I can win over anyone with my sincere demeanor

I know I can make money for any investor.
I know how to evaluate properties. I know how to work the numbers,comps.and neighborhoods. I know when to walk away.

Later down the road , when you are confidate enough in me
I have a team of people to back you up.
I have acsess to people that do - dry wall, comercial cleaning, expert trim men, Carpentors, Plummers, home inspectors.
I know insurance people, Real Estate people, Good hard working people that are dependable and honest.

I am in no way trying to be "the Next investor with a team of people."

I just want to be on your team, support you and do what I do best which is support you so you can do what you do best.

People are losing their American Dream right now. Its a buyers market.
We can help and feel good about it.
We all know the best investment you will ever make is your first home. Many people say that, and know that, but they never go on to purchase another.

They are scared, just like me. I own my house out right, no morgage, free and clear, single Mom.

And yes I am scared also-- to move on to something completly differant the the restaraunt biz.And yes,Thats how I know so much about people.
But lets not forget about Budjets, P+L, quiet costs, holding costs, taxes, turn over, and staying on schedule and the bottom line

But I feel really good about this. I get it. I can do this. And I am going to be damm good at it.

I NEED A MENTOR. Are you out there?


Offically??? NONE- none what so ever. - I am self taught. I know all about greenville .org. The tax web sites, the maps and resources are available.
The foreclosure web sites.
I have prviewed Jim Banks probate for profit. I know I can work with people in delicate situations. I easily gain thier turst through honesty.

I am looking into Ameraco.

Most importantly,.

I know what to look for; for you the Investor. I can find your deals. You have to be your own home inspector as a locator. You need to know the cost of so many differant things on 3 differant levels.
If you do not have this knowledge you will waste the precious time of the investors.
My first goal is to meet YOU- the Investors of the upstate greenville area.
Meet me - the green " want to doing it your way"
I have great confidance, however, I am not willing to give up my day / afternoon / night job.. (LOL) as of yet. I love my job and the people I work next to.

Real Estate Goals

I just want one investor to give me the same chance someone else may or may not have gave them.
I have a few properties I have been watching.
Let me follow you, or better yet you follow me. Two of my finds are properities I find to be extremly interesting. Just sitting.
One of them has defaulted on property tax for the last 2 years, now going on 3. The property has been vacated for a more the 1 year to date of knowledge. I been watching, just curious.

The other is right across the street in a very demanading area in Greenville. I'd call it an upscale middle class area. It would just give you an idea if I am on the right track for you. You can keep the propertys at no charge if you so choose to follow up and purchase.

I cant stand it- how long do I have to self taught, and be curious??????

My goal is to find a mentor that I will be extremley devoted to. To conduct business at all times in a confidential matter. Above all else. At all times

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