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I am a wholesaler, which means that I am really good at marketing for properties that cannot be found on the MLS or elsewhere; negotiating a great price, and flipping the contract to an end buyer. I can easily help you do the same if you're ready to take action.

I say that because over the last year, I've networked with Investors all over the country through BP. They come to me and say their MLS has dried up, or there's too much competition at the courthouse steps. When I turn them on to doing their own marketing, they learn to bypass the MLS, local wholesalers or the court house, and they get their own deals.

Besides these, I have also helped four brand newbie wholesalers get their very first deal through a combination of marketing and coaching. Face it, to wholesale, you're going to put some money into marketing anyway....the way I see it, if you're willing to spend your money on my marketing, the least I can do is teach you to use it to its best effect.

I'm also an active Minister and play in the worship band Mark V.


I have a background in construction carpentry from my time as a SEA BEE for the United States Navy Reserve. I began my RE career as an Acquisitions Manager for J Ingle Properties.

My wife and I launched our own company called New Refined Images 4 years ago and haven't looked back once. BP has been an invaluable asset. All the information I needed was right here on this site. I wholesaled 3 properties my first year,15 the second and now regularly do 2 a month.

I have become highly skilled and effective at lead generation through direct mail and internet marketing.

I have built over a dozen quality Real Estate websites for wholesalers, Landlords, Agents, and Hard Money Lenders.

I handle the Direct Mail campaigns for multiple Investors all across the Country, in many different markets.

Since the BP conference in Denver, I've partnered with a small handful of newbies, coaching them as we go.

Real Estate Goals

Short term goal is to continue wholesaling while growing Direct Mail and Internet marketing services for other Investors. We are currently building business credit and attracting private lenders.

Marketing Consultation has been a great sideline for me. I'd like to be building a half dozen sites per month, and mailing out around 10,000 letters for my partners and colleagues.

Currently Seeking

Investors who would like to jump start their careers or pump up their lead volume by letting me customize a direct mail campaign and/or integrating a website to their over all marketing plan. Are you ready?

Wholesale buyers, private lenders, equity partners and great deals in DFW




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Straight shooter! You have to love working with a person that just gets it done every day with no excuses. I recommend Jerry to all of my clients and friends

Jerry has been a key component to my success in my recently started business. His tailored marketing campaign generated me significant call volumes and I was able to get my first deal under contract within 35 days - I just closed the deal this past week. There was a time when I needed help asap and within moments of texting "911" to Jerry, he was there guiding me step by step through the proc... Read More

Jerry was great to work with. He kept me informed of my yellow letter status and provided a tracking tool, helpful documents, and plenty of advice and encouragement. I would recommend anyone looking for a yellow letter campaign to give Jerry a call.

Jerry is one of the most knowledgeable people I have met in the real estate industry. He knows how to take complicated situations and solve them to help investors, buyers and renters. He goes out of his way to help new investors with seasoned advice. He has helped me in complex real estate situations. Jerry will be sure you have a solution, and he has your back. He has never left me hanging, w... Read More

Jerry has helped me get started, setting up my Yellow Letter Campaign, and found my first deal within 5 months.

I have worked with Jerry on yellow letter marketing campaigns for the past six months. I can say without out a doubt his marketing materials are the best, period. They get the phone to ring with a very high response rate. I've been very pleased with the results and have landed two exceptional deals. His marketing knowledge is deep and he is exceptionally creative. Perhaps the most importan... Read More

Jerry is a dedicated and knowledgeable professional who will work hard, honor his words, and do what is right by his business associates. Jerry has helped me tremendously in assessing properties in the area.

I have worked with Jerry on several projects, and just over the past 2 months he has built 3 websites for me. These websites have been completed quickly and for very reasonable costs. And the quality is above and beyond what I expected. I am definitely using Jerry for future websites. Jerry is also running a full blown wholesale buying campaign for me. I've never done this before, and he... Read More

Jerry is great to work with and priced very reasonable.

It was awesome. Jerry does what he says and goes above and beyond in my opinion. I really cant say enough good things about Jerry and his business. When we first started working together, there was a hiccup or two along the way. To me the mark of a good business is how fast the issue is corrected. In my case it was corrected immediately. I have been direct mail marketing for 2.5 years now... Read More

Great. He is awesome at what he does and provides exceptional customer service!

I found Jerry Puckett on Bigger Pockets. I have been using Jerry for my direct mail campaign for the last 4 months. Prior to that I was stuffing my own envelopes and printing my own yellow letters. This obviously takes alot of time away from my family and I got real tired of it. Jerry has been remarkable to work with. We first had a conversation to discuss my goals and to see if we were going t... Read More

Jerry has been excellent to work with and to date the return on investment has been significant. Would highly recommend anyone to use Jerry's expertise to help develop an effective marketing campaign.

I have been working with Jerry for about 5 months now, and I have nothing but praise for him and his company. I enjoy having my marketing going out regularly without having to think about it or do it myself. It’s AWEsome! He sends the mail out on the same day each week, and now I know what days to expect the calls to start and when to expect them to taper off. This helps me in creating my w... Read More

Jerry was very instrumental in me finding my first deal. His yellow letters got the phone ringing and he was able to give some pointers when needed.

Jerry did an excellent job of walking me through the steps of wholesaling. He was patient and answered all of my questions.

I'm a buy/hold investor that has a full time job. MLS was drying up and the properties that came up on MLS or were brought to me by wholesalers were fair at best. It was getting tiring driving around town to bid on properties that were fair deals and had multiple bids. Working with Jerry, he has handled my direct marketing campaign freeing up my time to focus on my day job. His campaign will de... Read More

Jerry is great to work with and does what he says he will do. Jerry provides great value.

In looking for a company to handle my mailings, I am so glad I chose Jerry. He's a big operation with a personal touch and provides far more value than any direct mail company I've worked with. He's fair, approachable and will give his honest advice- without the pitchy sales pressure so prominent in this business. Thx for everything Jerry!

Jerry understands this industry very well and has been incredibly generous with his time in helping me achieve my companies goals. Our growth has been exponential from very early on and Jerry deserves some of the credit. If you are looking for someone do put together a direct mail campaign and also help you close the deals once the phone starts to ring you cant go wrong!

Jerry has proven to be a trustworthy and dependable business partner. His experience and knowledge (and services) in the direct mailing arena has literally transformed and supercharged my investing ability. By way of background, my core investing strategy is buy and hold. After growing my portfolio to what I thought was a critical mass, I felt I would benefit from obtaining a RE license. ... Read More

I found him to be honest, responsive, pleasant to work with, and all in all, someone I'd be very happy to work with again.

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