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Steve Babiak
Real Estate Investor
Audubon, PA


David B.
Real Estate Investor
Chicago, IL


Patrick Connell
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Austin, TX

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Ali Boone
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Venice Beach, CA


Karen Rittenhouse
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Greensboro, NC


Jim Lien
Lancaster, PA

Raised in a small town Eddystone, just above poverty we lived a very financially tight lifestyle that has instilled its values in me over the years. Naturally have a very hard work ethic that I am trying to transform into a more focused mindset of leadership and hardwork. Looking to spend the rest of my life or at least the next ten to twenty years securing my retirement through entrepreneurship and smart self investments. With a dying national currency it only makes sense for me to direct my attention to commodities and real estate as in hard, tangible assets. Look forward to meeting like minded people who want to learn and grow wealthy together in hopes that we can lead other American people back to the ways of freedom and prosperity. Our leaders have failed us now it is our turn to show them how it is done!


Not much. Read a ton of books. I'm taking courses and working with networking and a mentorship. Taken this on with firm belief that I will truly embrace this business and only evolve to be a better financial handler and manager of my own money.

Real Estate Goals

To become financially free and to help others along the way, for example, to help others with having an affordable place to live while bringing up value of as many communities as possible, one at a time. Baby steps until we're through the toughest obstacles to form a concrete foundation to grow and advance.

Currently Seeking

Currently seeking like minded people who specialize in and or around real estate investing as a full time business that they live off of and where a majority of their ambition is directed. Looking for those in the business who love it,who are Attorneys, Real Estate Agents, Title Co Agents, Brokers, Appraisers, Construction Companys etc



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