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I like researching, crunching numbers, and putting together plans. I'm a CFP® that works in a Family Retirement planning practice in Southern California.

I have a personal interest in real estate investment. To me, real estate investment seems much more like a small business than an actual passive investment, but for those willing to educate themselves, put in the effort, and take the risks it can be a great business.


I spent 2012 working on my education in real estate investment taking a class at my local university from a very experienced investor. It was eye opening. I invested in my first deal this year as an equity partner on a flip in Northern California. Its still pending but looking promising.

Real Estate Goals

For 2013 I would like to acquire 1-2 properties with positive cash flow. I also would like to acquire a new primary residence (currently in town home) for my growing family (first child on the way).

Longer term I would like to build a investment portfolio with positive cash flow while continuing to partner on flips/rehabs.

Currently Seeking

Still seeking to continue my eduction in real estate investment. Interested in deals that make sense in southern California area for now, with an openness to deals outside of my area in the future.



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