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Lonnie Scruggs was born and raised in Virginia. He’s been in some type of business most of his adult life. For 35 years he owned, rented, managed and maintained his own rental properties. After becoming a burned out landlord, he began selling off his properties, (carrying the note on most) and started buying discounted notes and mortgages. When it became more and more difficult to find good notes to buy, he found a way to create his own notes by buying, selling and financing used mobile homes.

His two books, Deals On Wheels & Making Money With Mobile Homes, have taught thousands of people all over the country how to create their own “Mobile Home Money Machine” in one of the most overlooked & unrecognized markets in the country.

Lonnie’s new book…Taking The Mystery Out Of Money teaches you what you never learned in school about money & financing. Including Lonnie’s latest money making business…Hard Money Loans. If you want a road map that shows you how to maximize your true financial potential, read this book.

You will learn how to use a financial calculator so you can “punch your way to profits”. You will learn about notes, conventional & hard money loans, interest compounding, CAP rates & much more. This book teaches you the real meaning of how to make money work for you, instead of you working for money

Lonnie is one of the most respected national instructors on the topic of making money in the used mobile home business. He was the first to teach others how to make big profits with mobile homes as an alternative to traditional real estate investing. And although his instructions focus on making money with mobile homes, the proven investment principles that he teaches can be applied to many types of real estate investing, as well.
Lonnie says you should never let your mail carrier pass your house without leaving a check. His book, Taking The Mystery out Of Money shows you how.



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