Kenneth Paar

Clovis, California

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Real estate investor/entrepreneur/deal maker, Assignment of contracts, Wholesale SFR buying, Pre-foreclosure assistance to distressed homeowners, lease-to-own/rent-to-own options, IM for buyers' rep direct to the asset managers of 12 different Institutional Investors in the market now for all asset classes of Commercial RE , KB Gold affiliate/distributor, Internet marketing/direct sales.


Real estate investor since April 15, 2009.

Real Estate Goals

(1) Join Kenny Rushing's Rush Capital Group and be mentored by the best real estate investing coaches, (2) Continue my financial and real estate investing education by becoming a Mastery Coaching student of Than Merrill's and Paul Esajian's (3) wholesale 9 SFR for $15K avg assignment fee (earned income) by the end of 2012. (4) rehab, via outsourcing, 2 SFR per year for avg profit of $50K per deal (earned income). (5) Use lease-to-own options for buy-and-hold strategy to acquire more up-front cash and PCF per month. Cash goal is $50,000 per year (passive income). (6) Move into bigger deals with JV and business credit partnerships including real estate syndication by acquiring student housing for passive income cash flow and equity appreciation (wealth creation).

Currently Seeking

I'm seeking a JV partner for equity sharing opportunity in purchasing/investing in 2nd mortgages offered through Peter Andrews and his company, Dream Builder Investments (DBI) LLC. They are the biggest purchasers of 2nd mortgages in the USA having purchased over $3.9 UPB since 2007. POF of $100K is required to get started with his program where you earn while you learn. There are 2 programs available: (1) Partner Program with an investment term of 2-3 years, monthly distributions and principal return in year 3. Since returns are guaranteed, there is no risk. Guaranteed ROI is 15-25%. (2) Preferred Buyer Program with a planned ROI of 25-75%. There's higher risk, but potentially higher reward.


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Began Investing April 2009
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