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Special Acquisitions Manager

We provide the means for over-leveraged commercial and luxury property owners to drastically reduce their debt and keep their properties.

The strategy is simple. We purchase bank notes at a discount for cash then create a bridge loan to the owners--- saving thousands, and even millions, off the original debt!

We do this without damage to the credit standing and little to no out of pocket expense.

Finally, we provide a traditional, long-term lender to refinance the property out of the bridge loan lowering your overall debt, as much as 20-50%.

The process for residential properties takes less than 80 days; for commercial real estate, it takes between 6-12 months.

Safe Harbour also buys distressed commercial properties with strong upside possibilities and for "green" upgrades to the market.


Safe Harbour has been in operation since 2003, successfully concluding more than 571 transactions, including wholesale of real estate, note purchase, tax lien and purchase and resale of luxury property.

We have been able to transcend the ups and downs of the markets and learn to become 'transaction engineers'. Our current business model is to provide financing opportunities for owners of properties valued between $900k on up.

Currently Seeking

Owners of Underwater properties, with good credit who want to reduce mortgage principals to market levels. We are interested in properties between $900k and $10MM at this time.





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