Wanda Rogers

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Chris Clothier
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memphis, TN


Tom Bukacek
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Austin, TX


Jarell Gillies
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Rialto, CA

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James Llewellyn
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Charleston, SC

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Amanda Underwood
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Gulfpor, MS


My 1st husband and I had 5 rental properties. I learned about flipping from my parents in the 1950's and '60's. Went to RE School in 1985 but due to my daughter's health I did not take boards. I am just short of retiring and want to develop a strong RE business as a second career.

Real Estate Goals

I enjoy wholesaleing, have only done 1 deal so far. Would like to buy and hold for a good cash flow though.

Currently Seeking

Investors that I can assign my equity to.
Need to build a "war chest".

I live in the Mississippi Delta if any investors are interested in property here. Can find houses in any condition and in any price range.

"If you got the money honey, I got the house"



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