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James@2x 2198c2cfe41dda31ef25d7981f4c1c29d4cdbe692652ff93638a25ea22113e2c
“My business would not be where it is today without BiggerPockets... I have learned a ton about real estate investing.”

James Vermillion, BiggerPockets member for 4 years

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Mehran@2x 6e63dcfaff182c7c2ae145d7b6105790f7ce15ee54e7e306a5bd1b8dec11420b
“I stay connected with other like-minded people, investors ranging from newbies to the most experienced players in the business, all motivated towards the same goals, every day”

Mehran Kamari, BiggerPockets member for 3 years

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Jimmy@2x 9580383210c3c0f7a2b69ecba8eda723cdda6e8faf18ad62ca1d73622f45c325
“I've asked the BP community about the deals that I've found and received their experienced analysis and I know I couldn't get that from anywhere else at this point of my RE career.”

Jimmy Hong, BiggerPockets member for 2 years

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Sam@2x a55420cda0b7a6b9df2be34fc22cf429137f3638958db1c6d650f711af27ea36
“I have sold wholesales to members, networked for private money and even found a long term partner. Myself, and my business are better because of BiggerPockets and its members.”

Sam Craven, BiggerPockets member for 3 years

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