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Formula for Wealth

By William McGowen, 1 day ago with 1 comment

Here is the formula for creating wealth. Not the only way, but maybe the most likely way to succeed. Read More


How Much Can You Really Make Investing In Real Estate?

By Christopher Middleton, about 2 hours ago with 0 comments

Explain how much money can be made by flipping and renting. The explosive effects of compound interest. How a 20 year old can get started. Read More



By Dan Oliver, 25 days ago with 4 comments

This post will show investors the benefits to the short term market. How to take advantage of it and how to keep a consistent equity flow. Read More


How to make a seller comfortable

By Ryan D., 3 days ago with 1 comment

Get on your seller's playing field. That's when the fun starts. Read More


Stop Punching the Clock!

By Daniel North II, 3 days ago with 0 comments

As I document and achieve my goals in the the world of real estate investing, I want to share my progress along the way with anyone who is interested. Read More


Three Essential Skills for the Beginner Investor

By Patrick Jacques, 14 days ago with 4 comments

As a struggling investor, I believe these three points are most overlooked by those looking to start investing in real estate. Read More

Small_1399784435-avatar-lkohl, Hubzu & Homesearch- What You Have to Know.

By Lisa Kohl, 9 days ago with 4 comments

What you need to know about the online auction sites. Read More


The #1 Key for Any New Investor!

By Michael Zuber, 5 days ago with 4 comments

New Investors should start here as it certainly accelerated my success and I am confident it will accelerate yours. Read More


HGTV Myths: How TV is NOT Reality!

By Keith Frank, about 17 hours ago with 0 comments

When you find the right professionals for your team and use them to increase your success, it will save you time, money and heartache. Read More


How I lost my house, destroyed my credit and rebuilt over time.

By Brent Paul, 1 day ago with 4 comments

My journey from house owner to hitting rock bottom and losing everything. Read More


How To Survive Your First Year of Wholesaling

By Christy Barton, 13 days ago with 16 comments

In this blog, you can learn about some of the key characteristics to help make you successful in your first year of wholesaling. Read More


​Is Live/Work The New House Hack?

By Mary Ann, 1 day ago with 0 comments

If you want to house-hack but don't want to live in a bad neighborhood or can't afford a nice property, read this. Live/work may be the answer. Read More


5 Reasons I'm Interested In CoWorking Properties As A Niche

By Mary Ann, about 1 month ago with 20 comments

Is Coworking a great new way to turn a propety into an income-producing machine or just another trend? Read More


​How I shifted my mind to get Infinite return - and how you can, too!

By Huy Nguyen, 1 day ago with 0 comments

​How I shifted from 0% to 100% leveraging to get Infinite return And how you can, too Read More


Keep The Faith: If it were easy everyone would do it

By Michael Zuber, 1 day ago with 0 comments

I was Wrong in the Beginning and I hope by admitting it that it will help other investors move forward. Read More

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