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Real Estate Investing Tax Free on Party Island

By Mike McDermott, about 1 hour ago.

A parable: Dad took his little nine year old princess to her friend's birthday party. When he picked her up after the party, she looked a little hurt. "What's wrong, hon...
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Sell Your 30A Luxury Home Fast With these Great Staging Tips

By Debbie James, about 1 hour ago.

Sell Your 30A Luxury Home Fast With these Great Staging Tips Sellers of 30A luxury homes for sale prefer spring and summer to sell their beachfront properties. The bright sunshine, ...
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USDA Loan Requirements Charlotte NC 2014

By Eleanor Thorne, about 2 hours ago.

USDA Loan Requirements Charlotte NC 2014 are no down payment mortgage loans available for those folks with decent credit, and stable jobs – who are willing to live a little further ...
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Buy & Hold Using Traditional Lenders

By Ryan Ball, about 2 hours ago.

Is there any other way to finance a buy and hold real estate investment besides using traditional bank financing? There are some other options that come with shorter terms and higher...
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Salt Lake and Utah Real Estate events for May/June-mostly free events

By Trevor Thompson, about 2 hours ago.

Hello again BiggerPockets! In the past I have posted the events that our organization attends for networking and meeting local wholesalers. Here is my list of events. ...
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What Should Be In Your Investment Portfolio?

By Marie Swenson, about 2 hours ago.

Investment portfolios can be intimidating. From knowing how to invest and what to invest in, there is a lot of thinking that's involved, and a lot of decisions that need to be made. Ho...
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The Challenge of Out of State Investing in Indianapolis

By Ben G., about 1 month ago.

I admire the courage many of you out of state Indianapolis investors have. Hopefully someday I have the knowledge and experience one needs to invest out of state. For now, I’m slowly...
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6 Requirements of Great “Turn-Key” Investment Properties

By Ben G., about 4 hours ago.

There are many reasons that investment in turnkey properties is on the rise. Buying a fixer-upper and renovating it is a very time consuming process. It can also be very difficult and...
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1st Wholesale fee in the bank! $7k What NOT to do with it...

By Taylor Jennings, about 6 hours ago.

I completed my first wholesale deal last year I believe in November. What a rush! I had a list of items budgeted for and felt made sense to purchase. $2000 was intended ...
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If you throw enough MUD on a brick wall, eventually some will STICK

By Engelo Rumora, 1 day ago.

Negotiating to purchase property at the lowest price possible When looking to purchase that “right" deal- one must always be patient, persistent, professional, and hav...
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How to Quickly Evaluate a Real Estate Deal

By Tom Sylvester, 8 months ago.

There is a common saying among real estate investors, “Review 100 deals, make offers on 10, purchase 1.” When I first began investing in real estate, I could not see how this ...
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04.22.14 Exterior Photos of Property #2

By Michele Fischer, 2 days ago.

Here's a peek at our second investment, a 2/1 duplex. Many properties on this block are a funny mustard yellow or a really dark brown. The entire block (and the block nex...
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Passing My Texas RE License On the First Try

By Cuong Le, 3 days ago.

What an relief it was to finally see that "PASS" on both the State and National test! Yea buddy! Do you want to pass the test on the first try and do the Ace Ventura victory d...
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Four tips for faster painting!

By Ming Lim, 5 days ago.

Painting is one of the easiest way to spruce up a property. It gives the home a new feeling and helps to get rid of any funky smells the previous tenant might have left behind. ...
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Step 1 - Spin your Wheels for 2 Months

By Dante Nava, 27 days ago.

I've been working for the last two months on educating myself, working on my website and telling everyone I can that I'm getting into real estate investing. I even added it to my Linke...
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