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first day of real estate classes

By Alisha Argyle, 1 day ago with 1 comment

My first classes for becoming a licensed Real Estate Agent: reasons why Read More


Endevor 1 - Remote Wholesaling and how it failed.

By Anthony Micklus, about 1 hour ago with 0 comments

Details about my first endeavor into wholesaling, why it failed and what I learned. Read More


Why Real Estate Investors Give Up - Part 3 of 4

By Dawn Anastasi, 4 days ago with 7 comments

More reasons why real estate investors quit and why it can be easy to give up versus working toward a dream. Read More


Real Estate Books

By Anil Samuel, 4 months ago with 7 comments

RE Networking, Awesome Books, Budgets Read More


How to Succeed in Real Estate Investing

By Cecil Jones, about 5 hours ago with 0 comments

The secret to real estate investing is to find a mentor who does deals & can negotiate. Mentors & Marketing will take you to the top fast. Read More


First Fix and Flip deal Under contract

By Anthony Kondor, 2 days ago with 2 comments

This is my first fix and flip deal , I have the fortunes builders templates and sytems i will be using along the way, and mentor, but open to learn! Read More


Why Newbies Should Take Another Look At Private Money

By Mary Ann, 5 days ago with 8 comments

Find out the 3 things a newbie can do to attract private money before you make a deal. Read More


DAY 28: Progress Report - turning DOWN opportunities.. WTF?

By Max M., 5 months ago with 1 comment



3 "Haters" to De-Friend in 2015...and 1 to Keep Forever.

By Tyler Flagg, 3 months ago with 4 comments

We are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with...and 2015 is your year to 'de-friend' the ones who don't make you better. Read More


Episode 6 -- The Burnout

By Thang Cao, 3 days ago with 2 comments

Episode 6 of a noob's first year. Read More


The Handshake: Your New Best Friend

By Lee Arnold, 1 day ago with 1 comment

A brief history of the handshake and a way to re-think the importance of a proper handshake. Read More


​Mike's Week of Investing- (ending 5/1)

By Mike H., 3 days ago with 2 comments

A summary of my week of investing activities...... From current tenants, to ongoing rehabs, acquisition efforts, and financing. Read More


The ABC of Real Estate Investing

By George Calbert, 2 days ago with 0 comments

What I have done or learned after reading CH 1 Read More


"Hack" of the Week - Sept. 15: How to Find Cash Buyers Using the MLS

By Wendell De Guzman, 8 months ago with 4 comments

Step by step guide to find cash buyers using the MLS or the Multiple Listing Service Read More


A First Hand Perspective on Why Some Millennial's are Struggling

By Hilary Catton, 8 days ago with 8 comments

​How do I get started in real estate? What if I don’t make enough money to invest? The thoughts that constantly flood my mind. Read More

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