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Try an Hour Without Technology - If You Can

By Jason Hartman, 10 months ago with 3 comments

Are you the person that can’t drive to work without checking all your social media contacts at the rate of once per minute (at least). Tech addict! Read More


Don't be that person...

By Andrea Saravia, 2 days ago with 4 comments

A couple of tips that have helped me get started and stay in the game as I go along in my Tax Sale journey. It can SEEM daunting but it's really fun! Read More


Day 16 - 22 of 90 (04/05/14 - 04/11/14)

By Dan Holden, 11 months ago with 2 comments

Day 16 - 22 of 90 (04/05/14 - 04/11/14) Read More


Newbie Motivation 101: Let's get It!

By Jay Neil, about 1 year ago with 1 comment

This is just some motivation for newbies like me! Read More


The things kids say!

By Dawn Anastasi, about 1 year ago with 3 comments

Changes to a bathroom make the tenants happy. Read More


Making a "SMART" New Year's Resolution

By Liz Brumer, about 1 year ago with 1 comment

goal setting, smart goal, new year's resolution Read More


What's Holding You Back? December 9

By Carla Moore, about 1 year ago with 1 comment

Newbie' journey, do you remember how you felt when you started? Read More


Marketing Update - Finished the List!

By Shaun Reilly, about 1 year ago with 6 comments

Finished mailing to my initial list. Over 4,900 postcards sent. Results not impressive... Ramping up for the follow up where the money is made! Read More


From Busy Doing Nothing to Can't Stop Moving: A Beginner's Beginnings

By Chad Clanton, about 1 year ago with 4 comments

It can be hard getting into new things, and harder deciding to do so; when the most important things pass too fast, it's time to make your own time. Read More


My Goal

By Glenn Lovelace, about 1 year ago with 3 comments

Laying out what I want my next 5-6 years to look like Read More


Top 10 Reasons to Use Hard Money

By Kendrick Walker, 1 day ago with 1 comment

Having watched a lot of David Letterman Late Night shows, we realized just as he has his "Top 10 Reasons", there are Top 10 Reasons to use Hard Money. Read More


How To Earn The Down Payment Money For Your First Investment

By Kwan Howard, about 5 hours ago with 1 comment

This is my step by step plan of how the newbie investor can earn the down payment money for your first investment. It worked for me. Hope it helps you Read More


Evaluating a Potential Loan: The Deal

By Jeff Rabinowitz, about 1 year ago with 6 comments

Evaluating a potential real estate loan from the perspective of a private lender. Read More


Real Estate Loan Options That Would Be Helpful For Investors

By Frank Iglesias, about 2 hours ago with 0 comments

Real Estate loan options has considerably reduced after the bubble burst in 2008. Recently, there is a resurgence of investors in the market Read More


If You Say It Do It

By Jeff Rabinowitz, 9 days ago with 6 comments

Don't lose a deal for a silly reason. Read More

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