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Why You Should Always Collect a Deposit...

By Dominic Turner, about 3 hours ago with 0 comments

Is your buyer really, REALLY committed? If so, he or she should not have an issue with putting their money where their mouth is... Read More


An Introduction to Note Investing

By Mike Hartzog, 7 months ago with 8 comments

An overview of note investing basics and various common strategies. Read More


Money is Everywhere.

By Jeff Rabinowitz, 17 days ago with 6 comments

Finding money to invest. Read More


Bizarre Real Estate Listing Photos #3

By Jeff Miller, about 7 hours ago with 0 comments

Silly photos with silly captions. You deserve a laugh! Read More


Investor Offers Are Low-Ball!

By Daniel Francis, about 8 hours ago with 0 comments

Pitch your offer the right way or get accused of being a low-baller Read More


Marketing Foundation Complete, On the runway, prep for takeoff!

By Skip MacKenna, 17 days ago with 1 comment

Getting established, doing the things that need to be done to get my business in the "ready for takeoff" mode. There are so many things to do ... Read More


Six Additional Research Resources For The Informed or Paranoid Buyer

By James Loisou, about 20 hours ago with 0 comments

Six Additional Research Resources For The Informed or Paranoid Home Buyer Read More


Why Owning Self Storage is Not a Passive Investment…

By Michael Rogers, 2 days ago with 2 comments

An article about the realities of owning a self storage facility. Based on my experience it is not as passive of an investment as most people think. Read More


How I Made $200 Buying My Latest Deal

By Ian Hoover, 2 months ago with 3 comments

Making money to buy real property is a no brainer, this is how I got paid $200 to buy real property on my latest deal. Read More


A lot of Rookie Flippers Should Start with a Live-In Flip

By James Loisou, 3 days ago with 1 comment

Rookie flippers should strongly consider starting with a Live-In Flip. It builds a solid foundation and can save significant expenses and taxes. Read More


Why flipping houses is harder than it used to be

By William Byers, 1 day ago with 0 comments

Flipping remains challenged but Jacksonville FL is one of the top markets in the country Read More


Two Months in the Life of Low Income Landlording

By Michele Fischer, 2 days ago with 1 comment

Checking in on how the first two months of the year have gone with our rentals Read More


How to Build Business Credit in 6 Easy Steps

By Brandon L., 3 months ago with 10 comments

Simple Steps to Establish Business Credit for the Beginner Read More


What is a Common Way that Real Estate Investors Are Putting Together L

By Beau Eckstein, 2 days ago with 0 comments

Deal structuring is the whole name of the game in real estate investing and construction world Read More

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