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09.19.14 Current Applicant – Too Good?

By Michele Fischer, 7 minutes ago with 0 comments

Switching gears from terrible applicants to an applicant that seems to good to be living in a low income neighborhood. Read More


First Dallas Flip - Officially Closed!

By Andrew Herrig, about 4 hours ago with 1 comment

Analysis of our first Dallas house flip with before and after pictures. Read More


6 Lessons in 6 Months and the not so awesome side of BP

By Stanley Hataria, 2 days ago with 7 comments

The motive of my blog post is simple , I wanted other to be careful and wanted to share my lessons. Read More


The rise and rise of Hard Money Lending…

By David T., about 9 hours ago with 0 comments

The rise and rise of Hard Money Lending… A brief look at the reasons why hard money lending is becoming so readily available to us now. Read More


what now

By Jason Fripp, 4 days ago with 17 comments

Need to get my feet wet. Read More


Another Secret Value Adding an Extra Bathroom (Video)

By Andrew Cordle, about 9 hours ago with 0 comments

In this week’s DIY (do-it-yourself) video, Andrew explains his secret to adding extra value by installing an extra bathroom. Read More


Market Update

By Kevin Amolsch, about 10 hours ago with 0 comments

This is a market update on the state of the real estate market for September 2014. Read More


How do I started and what are the excuses?

By Huy Nguyen, 3 months ago with 12 comments

A short blog on what it took to get a person started in real estate. Excuses for not starting in real estate, and motivational factors to move forward Read More



By Jbarrington N., 1 day ago with 2 comments

Why you should charge a "pet security deposit"! Read More


Qualifying before Quitting

By Mel Selvidge, 1 day ago with 0 comments

My house burned down a month after I quit my job. Read More


It's Time to List a Rental

By Dawn Anastasi, 2 days ago with 8 comments

A short poem/rap about listing a rental property and collecting applications. Read More


09.05.14 Book Review: A Framework for Understanding Poverty

By Michele Fischer, 14 days ago with 6 comments

To be a successful landlord focusing on the low income niche, it helps immensely to understand the differences between low income and middle class Read More


08.29.14 Tales of Exasperating Applicants

By Michele Fischer, 21 days ago with 21 comments

True stories of things heard or experienced in our most recent tenant search. Read More


The True Value of Tax Auctions

By Richard D., 8 days ago with 3 comments

It's not always about the end profits that make up the value of a property. Read More


Action Steps to First RE Goal!

By Rebecca Peters, 2 days ago with 0 comments

One of many action steps towards first RE goal of purchasing a multi family. Read More

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