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How the Best Murrieta CA Property Management Keeps Tenants Happy

By Sidney Kutchuk, 13 minutes ago with 0 comments

These wonderful tips make happy Murrieta CA property management tenants! Read More


100% Occupied Investment Package In Columbia, SC

By Tara Price, about 1 hour ago with 0 comments

100% occupied single family investment package. 21 units total. Can be bought as whole or cherry picked. Read More


09.26.14 Our Current Applicant Pool, Part 2

By Michele Fischer, 4 days ago with 3 comments

Real life scenario or applications currently in hand and our thought process on how to proceed. Read More


First rental purchase to eviction 6 months later

By Justin Fraser, about 2 hours ago with 0 comments

This post describes how Justin got started investing and purchased and rented his first property. Read More


Making Money, Starting With $1000.00 or Less

By Richard D., 21 days ago with 1 comment

It is possible to get started with less than $1000.00 in Real Estate, and make huge returns while doing so! Read More


One Key Concept for Hiring a Property Manager

By Dan DeMott, 3 days ago with 2 comments

One key concept supports a successful relationship between investor and property manager. Consider Alignment of Interests to maximize the relationship Read More


Why I Invest in Newark, NJ Real Estate

By Narelle Myke, about 16 hours ago with 0 comments

Newark, NJ is undergoing a resurgence! Residents and those who are paying attention can 'feel it in the air'. Read More


Why The FHA203K Rehab Loan is Awesome & How to Pull it Off

By Tim G., 7 days ago with 10 comments

Ever wonder how people buy investment properties without pockets full of cash? The little known trick called the FHA203K rehab loan is one of them. Read More


what now

By Jason Fripp, 15 days ago with 18 comments

Need to get my feet wet. Read More


basic steps to flip a house.

By Mark Kumm, 5 days ago with 1 comment

This is a basic 12 step process in how to flip a home successfully. Read More



By Jbarrington N., 12 days ago with 5 comments

Why you should charge a "pet security deposit"! Read More


Tax Info On Lease Options

By Brian Gibbons, 4 days ago with 0 comments

Tax Info On Lease Options Read More


Learning to Adapt as an Investor

By Moses Kim, 5 days ago with 2 comments

How to adapt as an investor using current trends in your market and global trends that will affect all investors. Read More


Today a stranger approached me on the street ... and I didn't mind!

By Dawn Anastasi, 5 days ago with 3 comments

How I shared some of the knowledge from Bigger Pockets to a person who stopped me on the street. Read More


Should You Pay To Have Your Rehab Inspected?

By Jeff Riber, 6 days ago with 2 comments

Are you considering hiring an inspector as part of your rehab process? It might be worth it! Read More

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