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City of Fort Worth TX Population Growth | May 2015

By Tyler H., 9 minutes ago with 0 comments

fort worth real estate, fort worth population, fort worth home values, fort worth texas, fort worth investment Read More


Part Two: The Grouchy Real Estate Investor

By Amy Zemser, about 10 hours ago with 3 comments

Wanting to learn about wholesaling, I went to the courthouse to watch my first auction. There, I met a grumpy investor... Read More


Texas Flood Victims: Find Help Here

By Tyler H., 16 minutes ago with 0 comments

Texas Flood Victims, Texas Flooding, Flood Help, Texas Association of Realtors Read More


Tribal Art Using Plywood and Stain

By Becky Davis, about 2 hours ago with 0 comments

This isn't reeeally home reno-ish, but DIY art with plywood seemed appropriate for a post and, if I really wanted to stretch it, it's DIY staging ;) Read More


How to Negotiate for Anything (and Real Estate)

By Peter MacKercher, about 4 hours ago with 0 comments

Nervous about negotiations? Don't strike out -- here's how to practice the skill so your first time making an offer isn't your first time at bat. Read More


The easiest way to increase cash flow.

By Alexander A., about 4 hours ago with 0 comments

Increase your cash flow by following these simple steps. Read More


How To Survive Your First Year of Wholesaling

By Christy Barton, 16 days ago with 19 comments

In this blog, you can learn about some of the key characteristics to help make you successful in your first year of wholesaling. Read More


3 Ways to Strengthen Your "Naysayer" Armor

By Andrew Martel, about 9 hours ago with 2 comments

Protect the best investment you have - your mindset! Read More


Part One: What is wholesaling again? I don't get it...

By Amy Zemser, 6 days ago with 5 comments

Is wholesaling real? Join me as I document my journey to become a wholesaler for the very first time... Read More


Dreams Are Not Enough

By Dave Visaya, 2 days ago with 4 comments

My take on dreamers who are stuck and who are not making things happen, yet... Read More


How I lost my house, destroyed my credit and rebuilt over time.

By Brent Paul, 4 days ago with 6 comments

My journey from house owner to hitting rock bottom and losing everything. Read More

Small_1399784435-avatar-lkohl, Hubzu & Homesearch- What You Have to Know.

By Lisa Kohl, 12 days ago with 8 comments

What you need to know about the online auction sites. Read More


10 Ways To Find Motivated Sellers

By Dan R., 1 day ago with 0 comments

Some tips to find sellers and generate more listings Read More


Episode 9 - Movement

By Thang Cao, 2 days ago with 2 comments

Episode 9 of a noob's first year. Read More


$32K Profit on First Owner Carried to be Rental Turned Flip Property

By Justin Ramirez, 1 day ago with 0 comments

$32k on my first owner carried rental unit turned flip. It is always good to have multiple outs. I am glad I let go of this one with a good return! Read More

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