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Spike TV Handles a Bad Contractor For Me

By Tim G., about 4 hours ago.

The Minnesota Ave. house was special to me, this wasn’t a project this was going to be my home. Located a few blocks from the beach in Oceanside, California I was obsessed ...
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Bank owned homes are still out there

By Darren Smith, about 7 hours ago.

As a bank owned listing agent for OneWest Bank (formerly IndyMac) I have seen a slow down in assignments as the market has improved, but that doesn't mean bank owned inventory is a thi...
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Our Crowdfunding Network Is Growing Part 24

By Bryan Hancock, about 7 hours ago.

We have an engagement letter from a securities attorney at Dinsmore, David Lavan, that I plan to sign this week. Our site is basically finished and we're going to shift to start work ...
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How Important is Commission when I put my home up for sale?

By Darren Smith, about 7 hours ago.

As a buyers agent I consider it most important (and my fiduciary responsibility) to find my client the best possible property regardless of the commission offered. It would be nice if ...
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The Title Co wants to write my check to me AND the past owner!

By Darrin Carey, 4 days ago.

I just cancelled my property sale. First, a little background. I bought a property as a short sale a couple months ago, closed at the bank’s title co, got the HUD, paid the bank, an...
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By Engelo Rumora, 6 days ago.

How to distinguish the genuine from the non genuine real estate professionals. Over the years, our group has been involved in numerous real estate transactions involving genuine...
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The Beginning of My Investing Journey

By Joseph Konrad, about 13 hours ago.

I started this blog to hold myself accountable to my goals, which aren't quite specific yet. The idea is to be honest with myself and the world so that I can actually get out there a...
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How to Quickly Evaluate a Real Estate Deal

By Tom Sylvester, 7 months ago.

There is a common saying among real estate investors, “Review 100 deals, make offers on 10, purchase 1.” When I first began investing in real estate, I could not see how this ...
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First Steps

By Dre Penny, about 24 hours ago.

So I've read a lot of advice for beginner investors and one thing that's consistent is to treat RE Investing like a business. With that said it's time to consider the planning i.e bu...
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Day 15 of 90 (04/04/14)

By Dan Holden, 3 days ago.

Day 15 of 90 (04/04/14) I finally hear from Gail. About 20 minutes before I have to clock into my job. She's talking fast. I've notice, with my short time on this planet, that if...
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My Patriarchal Joint Venture Partner

By Simon Lloyd, 1 day ago.

After being quoted $14,000 for some foundation repair on my flip property (full disclosure, this was later modified to a slightly less mind-blowing $8,000) my Patriarchal Joint ...
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When good photography masks a bad rehab

By Dawn Anastasi, 12 days ago.

I was viewing properties this past weekend and had the following property on my list. It was listed as a 2 bedroom 1 bath property that had been newly rehabbed. In lookin...
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By Frank Iglesias, 2 days ago.

I was riding my bike recently on a nice warm day in Atlanta. I thought to myself while I was going up a hill ‘isn't it amazing how the mind can know when to shift gears based on the am...
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Day 16 - 22 of 90 (04/05/14 - 04/11/14)

By Dan Holden, 3 days ago.

Day 16 - 22 of 90 (04/05/14 - 04/11/14) I'm racking my brain. I've beaten it against the wall. I unscrewed my cranium and dunked my grey matter into a vat of rum, twice. Th...
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The story of my first (accidental) real estate deal

By Joe Kalis, 5 days ago.

Add one more to the ever-growing list of accidental real estate investors! It begins with the story of one of the most bizarre chapters of my life... Back in February of 2011...
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