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Earn while you learn Realestate investing.

By Harry King, about 1 hour ago with 0 comments

Surround yourself with like kind investors and utilize company funding and save you investment money for your future pet project. Read More


$55,000 Cash & Can't Find a Deal...

By Brandon Sturgill, about 15 hours ago with 2 comments

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed. I would like to hear from others that have experienced a similar dilemma.... Read More


Getting Started

By Jessica Martin, about 9 hours ago with 0 comments

Our first lead. Read More


Licensed or Not?

By John Cunningham, 3 days ago with 2 comments

Why to get your real estate license? Read More


Creating Real Estate Notes that can be Sold

By Robert Young, about 14 hours ago with 0 comments

Create a real estate note with an investor in mind. If you create a note that only benefits the borrower you will not get the money you expect. Read More


Our First Investment Property - How and Why

By Dana Nicholson, 6 months ago with 10 comments

How and why we decided to become Real Estate Investors in buy and hold. Read More


How to Use Home Inspection Report to Your Advantage

By Mike Jakobczak, 4 months ago with 3 comments

A home inspection report details everything that is right and wrong about the home. Use it to your advantage to make a profitable investment. Read More


Should You Pay To Have Your Rehab Inspected?

By Jeff Riber, 3 months ago with 3 comments

Are you considering hiring an inspector as part of your rehab process? It might be worth it! Read More


They called me a slumlord

By Dawn Anastasi, 4 months ago with 42 comments

Dedicated to those who get made fun of for real estate investing, who can have the last laugh when their hard work pays off in financial freedom! Read More


LLC - Should I form one or not?

By Deidra Hubenak, 7 months ago with 9 comments

General guidelines of when to use a LLC and when not to. Read More


One weird legal trick to protect your assets better than an LLC

By Scott Smith, about 1 month ago with 7 comments

Trusts are likely cheaper, easier, and and provide greater protections than your LLC. Read More


Can I hold Commercial Real Estate in an IRA?

By Loren Whitney, 1 day ago with 0 comments

All types of commercial real estate can be held for investment purposes in an IRA. Review about the basics, financing options, and tax considerations. Read More


Appreciation VS Cash Flow it is a battle to the end

By Matt Rosas, 10 days ago with 20 comments

Appreciation VS Cash is a battle of the Titans! Does Cash Flow win by knock out? or as Amit says "Appreciation Matters" Read More


"Hack" of the Week - Sept. 22: Avoid Getting Flagged by Craigslist

By Wendell De Guzman, 3 months ago with 13 comments

Here's a simple technique that you can use so your ads on Craigslist won't be flagged and deleted without your permission! Read More


Understanding the 3 Parts of Cash Flow

By Mike Nuss, 1 day ago with 0 comments

Understanding the world of cash flow Read More

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