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2014 Presents New trends in housing design!

By Chelsea Leigh, 1 day ago with 1 comment

This article discusses three different houses that are completely different in design and how the future of housing design is getting more ambitious! Read More


Three REI Roadblocks that You’re Creating Yourself

By Joseph Konrad, about 4 hours ago with 1 comment

What are the three things stopping you from investing and what you should do about it. Read More


My Beginning

By Trevis Kelley, 2 days ago with 3 comments

Where I am starting. Every journey has to begin somewhere, this is mine. Read More


Hack of Wk of 10/27 - How to be a Diligent Wholesaler

By Wendell De Guzman, 2 days ago with 3 comments

This blog post contains a very simple, yet powerful strategy to successfully wholesale properties. Read More


Food for thought when deciding on a loan management platform

By Alberto Artasanchez, about 8 hours ago with 0 comments

This articles addresses what items to consider when choosing loan management software. It provides a methodology to come up with a decision. Read More


11 Days til closing

By Randon Bowerman, about 8 hours ago with 0 comments

And overview of what we have done since having our offer accepted on our first duplex. Read More


DIY How to Flip a House – Kitchen # 2 of 15

By Andrew Cordle, about 10 hours ago with 0 comments

When we’re teaching investors how to flip a house, the importance of the kitchen rehab cannot be stressed enough. Kitchens sell homes! In this video.. Read More


Building a house, a home and a marriage in 300 days or less.

By Chad Zaback , about 21 hours ago with 0 comments

My first home, getting married and finding a good deal on real estate. Read More


"Hack" of 9/29/14- How to Wholesale a HUD Deal Without A Double Close

By Wendell De Guzman, about 1 month ago with 4 comments

You can wholesale a HUD deal without the need for a transactional lender and you don't need to do a double close. Read More


CASE STUDY SERIES PT 2: Good thing I have my real estate license!

By Kevin Ramirez Nieto, about 23 hours ago with 0 comments

Complete full flip documented case study Read More


Maximizing Your MLS Access as a Real Estate Investor

By Cortney Jones, 1 day ago with 0 comments

The MLS can be a great resource if you know how to use it, but it's just one of many ways of finding good deals for most real estate investors. Read More


5 Successful Social Media Strategies for Real Estate Agents

By Noah Tennant, 1 day ago with 0 comments

Clueless when it comes to social media? Learn why these 5 no-fail strategies that will add interest & increase engagement. Read More


How Pilot Training lessons have helped me in Real Estate #1

By Tyler Flagg, 4 days ago with 1 comment

The OODA Loop helps fighter pilots react quickly to a changing environment. If used correctly, it can also help those with "analysis paralysis." Read More


Closing on first SF Rental Tomorrow

By John Gossett, 2 days ago with 0 comments

First SFR Rental closing tomorrow. Greater than 20% CoC ROI. Read More


Selling Your Home with Little Kids

By Simon Ru, 2 days ago with 0 comments

Tips on selling your home with children! Read More

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