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Why Zillow Has No Idea What Your Home Is Worth.

By Tim G., about 13 hours ago with 1 comment

Zillow's "Zestimate" feature is the most commonly resourced took for home owners, it is a flawed algorithm that offers misleading values. Read More


Did I learn anything the first time around?

By Robert Norvell, about 5 hours ago with 0 comments

Bought house, grew up, sold house, started over. Read More


The real truth about wholesaling

By Dean Letfus, about 6 hours ago with 0 comments

Most people have no idea what real wholesaling is. Here is a part of my experience in the USA over the last 4 years. HOW TO MAKE IT AS A WHOLESALER Read More


The 9 Blunders of "9 Blunders Every Wholesaler Must Avoid (Or Else!)"

By Tim G., about 9 hours ago with 2 comments

A wholesalers response to misleading information aimed towards new wholesalers. Helping clear the confusion, inform and motivate you. Read More


07.26.14 Analyzing Tenant Turnover

By Michele Fischer, 3 days ago with 18 comments

Reviews average turnover stats for myself and my competition and thinks through ways to increase our length of tenancy Read More


Double Minded Forecasts

By Tiger M., about 13 hours ago with 0 comments

It is amusing to read an article on how stabilized and in recovery the market is and then click the next article and read the opposite. Totally double Read More


Driving For Dollars in Your Market - Part 1

By Curt Davis, 4 days ago with 5 comments

This blog is intended to show new investors how to find off market homes for sale in their local area and potentially do their first deal. Read More


Can A Manufactured Home Seller Stay In Their Old Home After Closing?

By John Fedro, about 16 hours ago with 0 comments

In today’s article we discuss when this “never” rule can be bent with regards to helping mobile home sellers and purchasing investment mobile homes. Read More


"Skin" in the game, Getting money, and Sweet old grandmas

By Wenecio Godfrey, 1 day ago with 0 comments

In real estate, learning how to obtain money for your deals is a very important aspect. What's the deal with 100% financing though? Is it for real? Read More


Top 10 reasons why Realtors HATE working with Investors

By Mark Updegraff, 1 day ago with 0 comments

Looking for an investor friendly agent? Here are the top ten reasons why REALTORS hate working with some investors (not the good ones of course!). Read More


Note Investing Part 1 - An Overview

By Mike Hartzog, 4 days ago with 3 comments

An overview of note investing basics and various common strategies. Read More


Top 10 reasons you KNOW your getting evicted

By Mark Updegraff, 3 days ago with 0 comments

Mark's Top 10. These are my real lift examples of some ridiculous tenants. I hope you never have to encounter any of them! Read More


Top Ten reasons you should be using Bigger Pockets daily

By Mark Updegraff, 21 days ago with 9 comments

Top ten reasons why you should be using bigger pockets daily Read More


Creative Financing In a Nutshell Part one

By Bill Jones, 7 months ago with 5 comments

There are No Rules as to how you can or cannot structure your creative financing deals, other than what is legal, moral, ethical Read More


Buying a Rental Property - Step 5 of 8

By Dawn Anastasi, 4 months ago with 2 comments

Step 5 of 8 of buying a rental property Read More

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