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Small 1435904117 avatar baczekj

​3 Reasons My Virtual Assistant Kicks Your Virtual Assistant’s Butt

By Jack Baczek, 10 minutes ago with 0 comments

Thinking about hiring an offshore virtual assistant to help you with life and business? Check out why I have the best one. Read More

Small 1431660541 avatar mariom2

Nobody Wants to Work...

By Mario Mormile, 24 minutes ago with 0 comments

Reliability- is worth its weight in gold! Read More

Small 1435904117 avatar baczekj

Top 3 Apps Your Real Estate Business Needs

By Jack Baczek, 4 days ago with 9 comments

Ever think about how to make your life easier? Well try these three apps and go ahead and tell me that I was right. Read More

Small 1404094925 avatar ronbva

Here we go!! Flip this House! the Good , the Bad and the Ugly!

By Ron Biggs, 4 days ago with 1 comment

My goal to show the process of flipping a large home including every detail from finding, financing ( with hard and private money) rehab & selling! Read More

Small 1399598633 avatar sensefinancial

The biggest misconception about the Solo 401k plan qualification

By Dmitriy Fomichenko, about 4 hours ago with 0 comments

Many real estate investors set up an LLC for their rental business, mistakenly assuming that this LLC will qualify them for the Solo 401k plan. Read More

Small 1429621335 avatar david o

How to Become a Successful Real Estate Investor in Miami

By David Ocon, about 1 month ago with 3 comments

As long as you wake up and your mission is the first thing on your mind you’re on the road to greatness. Immerse yourself in everything real estate. Read More

Small 1404174868 avatar deniselevans

Landlords: Toxic Mold and Tenants

By Denise Evans, about 5 hours ago with 0 comments

Landlord responses to tenant complaints regarding toxic mold, plus links to selected state-specific resources. Read More

Small 1436007604 avatar kjsinterests

My First Investment Property, Part 1: Understand the Numbers

By Kevin Siedlecki, about 9 hours ago with 0 comments

So you've learned on BP, and you think you want to get started with a small multifamily to buy and hold. What now? Read More

Small 1399474936 avatar theduke

YOUR greatest advice of All TIme

By Todd Whiddon, 2 days ago with 1 comment

To often we let our job, our family, our fill in the blank get in the way of our FUTURE! So what advice would the BEST version of the FUTURE you give. Read More

Small 1399739951 avatar keiguncoffee

Its Going to Cost How Much!!!

By Mike Baker, about 11 hours ago with 0 comments

Advantages abound in both Flat rate shops and Hourly. Just make sure you understand them both, before you poo-poo either. Read More

Small 1435880037 avatar manfreds

The Hunt is ON!

By Manfred Schaefer, about 11 hours ago with 0 comments

Driving​ around a few neiborhoods today looking at some potential deals in Jacksonville. Read More

Small 1401111208 avatar airsafe

Making owner finance work for you

By Todd Curtis, about 11 hours ago with 0 comments

Creating an owner finance mortgage is an excellent way to create long term cash flow, but you have to make the effort up front to avoid issues later. Read More

Small 1410530602 avatar peter mckernan1

The Power of Positivity

By Peter Mckernan, about 15 hours ago with 0 comments

How positive thinking and optimism can cause a person to overcome any obstacle. This is applied to real estate and all other aspects of a persons life Read More

Small 1430522522 avatar shellyfrei

You Have No Business Doing This

By Shelly Forte, about 2 months ago with 5 comments

Why this tenacious-newbie-mom-investor has "No Business Doing This"... Read More

Small 1429479843 avatar apriljustin

Top 10 Lessons Putting My 1st Multifamily Under Contract

By April Crossley, 15 days ago with 18 comments

Getting into multifamily investing isn't easy. This is how I put my 1st property under contract and what I learned in the process. Read More

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