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Why I Invest in Newark, NJ Real Estate

By Narelle Myke, 3 months ago with 1 comment

Newark, NJ is undergoing a resurgence! Residents and those who are paying attention can 'feel it in the air'. Read More


Note Investing Part 1 - An Overview

By Mike Hartzog, 5 months ago with 7 comments

An overview of note investing basics and various common strategies. Read More


TaliMar Announcement: $125,000 Bridge Loan

By Brock VandenBerg, about 2 hours ago with 0 comments

?TaliMar Financial is pleased to announce the funding of a $125,000 bridge loan secured on a residential income property in San Diego, CA. Read More


Wearing Two Hats

By Daniel Francis, about 2 hours ago with 0 comments

Why wearing two hats is better than one! Read More



By Gary DiGrazia Sr, about 2 hours ago with 0 comments

I often receive this question from agents and investors who are interested in Probate Homes but want to know more than just the upside. Read More


Local SEO Factors that You should Consider in 2015

By Ruben Licera, about 4 hours ago with 0 comments

Every local business owner out there should know the fact that without proper Local SEO strategies, a successful online campaign would be downright im Read More


3rd times the charm!

By Ian Hoover, about 7 hours ago with 0 comments

Patience is a virtue Read More


Why Is a Chemical Database Becoming So Important for Companies?

By Paula Franks, about 9 hours ago with 0 comments

?It would be fair to say that chemical databases are a relatively new invention, as up until recently companies involved in the chemicals industry. Read More


Earn while you learn Realestate investing.

By Harry King, about 18 hours ago with 0 comments

Surround yourself with like kind investors and utilize company funding and save you investment money for your future pet project. Read More


$55,000 Cash & Can't Find a Deal...

By Brandon Sturgill, 1 day ago with 2 comments

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed. I would like to hear from others that have experienced a similar dilemma.... Read More


Getting Started

By Jessica Martin, 1 day ago with 0 comments

Our first lead. Read More


Licensed or Not?

By John Cunningham, 3 days ago with 2 comments

Why to get your real estate license? Read More


Creating Real Estate Notes that can be Sold

By Robert Young, 1 day ago with 0 comments

Create a real estate note with an investor in mind. If you create a note that only benefits the borrower you will not get the money you expect. Read More


Our First Investment Property - How and Why

By Dana Nicholson, 6 months ago with 10 comments

How and why we decided to become Real Estate Investors in buy and hold. Read More


How to Use Home Inspection Report to Your Advantage

By Mike Jakobczak, 4 months ago with 3 comments

A home inspection report details everything that is right and wrong about the home. Use it to your advantage to make a profitable investment. Read More

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