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Small 1431696013 avatar leokingston
Small 1399588410 avatar pharmerjeff

My Liquid Fund. How I Learned to Embrace Late Fees and Become a Better

By Jeff Rabinowitz, about 2 hours ago with 0 comments

My Liquid Fund. (It's not what you think.) How I Learned to Embrace Late Fees and Become a Better Landlord. Make landlording enjoyable. Read More

Small 1407729985 avatar we buy notes

Twelve Ways To Profit From Non-Performing Real Estate Notes

By Christopher Winkler, about 5 hours ago with 0 comments

​Non-Performing Notes (NPN’s) are an excellent way to invest in Real Estate, without getting dirty, or dealing with toilets, termites, or tenants. Read More

Small 1399698864 avatar fritzbucyrus

Foreign investors and conventional financing in the U.S.

By James Wise, about 1 month ago with 1 comment

Foreign Investors in the USA and Getting Approved For Conventional Financing. Read More

Small 1437846469 avatar ryanforet

Advice On Effectiveness From The Great Peter Drucker

By Ryan Foret, about 11 hours ago with 0 comments

Excerpts From "Effectiveness Must Be Learned," An Essay By The Great Peter Drucker! Read More

Small 1424421383 avatar funds4reo

Realtor "Do's and Don'ts"

By Bernie Germani, 3 days ago with 2 comments

2015 Realtors "Do's and Don'ts" from the mortgage side of the business Read More

Small 1440879658 avatar nbritton70

Back Against the Wall

By Nick Britton, about 18 hours ago with 0 comments

When one truthfully and throughly follows their intuition in every aspect of their lives, and know that success is the only option. Read More

Small 1421274151 avatar jilld1

You Just Inherited Some Land. Now What?

By Jill DeWit, about 21 hours ago with 0 comments

Inherited Land. Free Land. Now What? Get Some Cash, Don't Walk Away! You have options. Read More

Small 1436562026 avatar casss

Is the CAP rate the best financial metric? A case for the IRR.

By Cass Stephens, CCIM, J.D., MBA, about 1 month ago with 1 comment

To Really Understand the Financial Metrics of Multifamily Investment, Build Your Analysis Off the IRR (Internal Rate of Return), Not the CAP Rate! Read More

Small 1399739134 avatar briebrian

​How Big Should Your Contingency Fund Be?

By Brie Schmidt, 16 days ago with 10 comments

You need a contingency fund. Now you’ve been told that for the billionth time, how big should your contingency fund be? Read More

Small 1404415337 avatar ssedona

My first wholesale deal - in 23 steps.

By Kim Handelman, 26 days ago with 9 comments

There are many steps to wholesaling that aren't talked about in books or podcasts. I tried to give a list of ones I ran into on my first deal. Read More

Small 1412307731 avatar nicholasbaldo

Debunking 3 Common Real Estate Investing Myths

By Nick Baldo, 1 day ago with 1 comment

Don’t let uninformed opinions off others steer you away from real estate investing! Read More

Small 1421274151 avatar jilld1

Purchased for $451; Sold for $25,000 in 14 Days = Success!

By Jill DeWit, 5 days ago with 1 comment

3 days and 3 phone calls to make over $24k in profit! Read More

Small 1431660541 avatar mariom2

Biting the Bullet on Buying my First Property- I'm All In!

By Mario Mormile, 2 months ago with 10 comments

Day to Day progress and pictures to follow! Read More

Small 1421095024 avatar stever4

Furnished vs. Un-Furnished Rental Properties

By Steve Rozenberg, 6 days ago with 3 comments

What are the benefits to leasing your property furnished or un-furnished? Read More

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