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America's Home Program

Tuesday, February 15

America’s Home Program (AHP) is proud to announce that after 16 Months of intense development, we have officially launched America’s Turn Key Solution for REO Investments. America’s Home Program is the Nations solution for transforming Bulk REO inventory from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, in conjunction with lending from FHA, into performing assets and sold homes. Our Program not only places American families into homes, it provides a proven solution for immediate home ownership. And in doing so, AHP provides solid real estate investment opportunities to individuals and groups who participate in this Program. America's Home Program secures your investment funds and our American families with fully remodeled, accurately valued single family homes; all while paying quarterly dividends from the Performing Mortgages which we create, through permanent re-financing. These dividends are paid until our investors reap the rewards from exiting these homes at retail values, all while assisting American families in realizing their dreams and providing our investors with options to re-invest over and over again; in what will most certainly prove to empower generations to come. To inquire more about America's Home Program for home ownership and investment opportunities contact [email protected]

From Teenage Entrepreneur to Americas Home Program

Thursday, February 03

W. Mark Sanders, Founder/CEO, America's Home Program, Inc.


While most 14-year-olds worried about school grades, activities and popularity, in 1981 W. Mark Sanders was starting an appliance delivery and installation business for Circuit City local clientele in Charlotte, North Carolina. But he didn't stop there.


Sanders went on to build the business and three years later sold it to Circuit City. That same year, Sanders started a mobile lubrication and maintenance operation called Lube All. He created and patented a new mobile oil-change system and franchised his operation, which he later sold to Quaker State.


Born in Charlotte in 1967, Sanders grew up in an entrepreneurial environment, selling Stanley products door-to-door or family watermelons from a pickup truck on the weekends. He says he always had a sixth sense about business and how to create systems for growth.


Despite being a successful businessman at the age of 18, Sanders earned a Bachelor's degree in Business, Masters in Business Administration and Juris Doctorate degree from the University of North Carolina.


In 1988, Sanders founded Horizon Foods, which later became the direct home delivery arm for Omaha Steaks International. In 12 years serving as President, he built Horizon Foods from one truck and one market to a fleet of 428 trucks in 26 markets earning $258 million in annual revenue. From there, Sanders was asked to serve as President for Big Sky Beef. In 18 months, he helped the company meet USDA standards, constructed corporate-owned processing and packing plants and improved the delivery systems.


This work enabled Big Sky Beef to prepare an Initial Public Offering (IPO) and sell shares to investors. Sanders also consulted the grocery-store chain, Winn Dixie, helping it establish a home-delivery business unit. In addition, Sanders helped Meals on Wheels reach customers nationwide.


Soon thereafter, Sanders discovered real estate investing, and made his first million dollars in real estate by converting apartments into condominiums. Since then, he has conducted more than 7,000 real estate transactions, and is an "Approved Investor" with the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC), known as Freddie Mac (OTCBB: FMCC). Today, he specializes in transforming non-performing assets into positive cash flow with multiple defined exit strategies.


In July 2009, Sanders conceived the America's Home Program concept. Based in Tampa, Florida and serving as Founder and CEO, Sanders helps families achieve the American dream of home ownership, while delivering investors a turnkey system that creates significant profits.


"Since I have access to many discounted properties, I started building a system called Americas Home Program that would benefit both investors and home owners," he said. "The result is a business that does four things; it's a full-service turnkey solution for investors and future home owners, it stabilizes our communities, provides worthy families with a proven solution for home ownership and maximizes real estate investments."


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