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Leveraging Contractors Efficiently aka How Not to Lose Your Shirt

Friday, June 26

You wouldn’t believe how many people operate verbally with their contractors without ever signing a contract or receiving a completion picture. Sure it’s easier to say “hey go demo or trash out, it’s a thousand bucks, I need it all clear, this that and the other,” but then comes the infamous pho...

How Long to Double My Money? The Rule of 72.

Friday, June 26

If you want to know how long it takes for your money to double in investing, it’s easy. Simply divide the return of the investment (3%, 6%, 12%, 20%, etc.. ) into 72. The result is the number of years that it takes for that investment to double.eg – you invest in a CD at 2%. 72 / 2 = 36. Your mon...

How Residential TIF Financing Can Save Baltimore's Neighborhoods

Wednesday, April 27

The Devil is Always in the Details. The question of why developers don’t rehab houses in transitional areas has a very simple answer – but it is not the answer that you think. Frequently tossed around, but wrong, answers include fear of crime and theft. In our experience of renovating...

Anatomy of a Fraud - 1314 W Lafayette Ave

Wednesday, April 27

Long story short: Two guys bought a house from an estate for $1K in 2006 and sold it to a woman for $29K in 2007. The woman got a renovation loan from K Bank for $156K. Then she sold it to one of the original guys who she bought it from for $258K in 2008. The guy got foreclosed on and the bank to...