Renter Mistakes Landlords Should Be Aware Of

Posted on Thursday, December 27

 There are things that you need to expect when you become a landlord, including common mistakes that even the most responsible tenants make. These are things that you may need to address during the course of their lease:

  • They fail to abide by a guest policy – you may have a guest policy in your lease that allows tenants to have overnight guests for a few days, for example, but not long-term guests if they are not on the lease. Tenants may incorrectly assume that they have the right to have people stay as long as they’d like.

  • They run a business out of their home – if it dictates that the tenant can only use the rental for residential purposes, then it is necessary that they abide by this. This means that they should not be having clients in for massage appointments and the like; at least not without your permission.

  • They fail to notify you of any changing conditions within their rental – if the toilet has suddenly started leaking and the tenant fails to notify you, then they’ve neglected to do their job. As the person living in the unit, it is their responsibility to inform you when there are issues occurring that could harm them or impact the integrity of the property. 

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