Learn From the Sales Guru Himself!

Thursday, April 23

Click HERE to LISTENIn this episode, Mark chats with real estate and sales guru Karl Krentzel (aka John Ashley). Karl is the host of the hugely popular podcast The Red Pill Investor Podcast and founder of the incredible resourse Karl’s real estate expertise spans nearly 20 ye...


Friday, February 13

CLICK HERE TO LISTENIn this episode, Frank Rolfe, the 10th largest owner of mobile home parks, from gives everyone an unedited view of how to become successful. His nuggets of wisdom are absolutely enlightening.Frank discusses how to find the perfect job or business for...

How To Close 11 Deals In 1 Week

Monday, February 09

CLICK HERE TO LISTENIn this episode, Phil Turturici from gives everyone an unedited view of what it’s really like to go from being a total newbie in the land business to investing in the toolkit and then entering the mentoring program.Phil’s journey wasn’t smooth sailing and he...

Subscribe To The New Best Passive Income Model Podcast

Wednesday, February 04

Subscribe to the Best Passive Income Model Podcast--Mark Podolsky (AKA The Land Geek), successful land investor, land investing coach and creator of the popular Land Geek Podcast has unscripted, free-flowing conversations with real estate and business experts. Discover why Land Investing is The B...

Confessions From A Full Time Real Estate Investor Anson Young

Thursday, January 08

Click HERE for instant Access  In this weeks land geek podcast, my guest is @Anson Young  a successful full time real estate investor with a huge presence on Bigger Pockets.   Anson discusses his productivity secrets and why he takes cold showers.    This podcast will teach you how to sa...

The Gift of Motivation For The New Year

Tuesday, December 30

In this weeks land geek podcast, motivational speaker extraordinaire Walter Bond is discusses how to maintain motivation through the year.Walter explains how he helps people to attack their personal and professional drama and the secret to staying committed to increase peak performance.Click HERE