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This Ain't Your Daddy's Marketing

Monday, February 11

 Some people are used to doing things the way they’ve been doing it for years. Or, they think that because someone else has been doing it that it will work out for them and that may be the case. But I’m not here to tell you that they won’t/don’t work, all I’m saying is that diversity isn’t always...

Why Wholesalers are Real Estate Experts:

Tuesday, January 29

 Are all real estate wholesalers created equal? Or are there some that are better than others?   This purpose of this article is not to bash other real estate investors, but to shed light on the unique group of real estate investors often termed “wholesalers.”Wholesalers are real estate invest...

Laziness… My Gift Or My Curse?

Monday, December 10

How many people at 26 can say they paid off all of their debt? How many people at 26 can say they own their own business? How many people at 26 can honestly say, they could stop work for the next 2 years and not be strapped for money if they wanted to? I’m not sure of the numbers but unlike most...

How to Flip a House 101

Monday, November 19

As a reasonably successful wholesaler, I'm regularly quizzed  “Mike, how do you flip houses?” Before I advance straight into the “how to” of flipping houses, it’s imperative that you first know very well what exactly we are engaging in. Therefore…Precisely what is wholesaling? Wholesaling will in...

Wholesaling Houses Virtually

Monday, October 15

 After reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, like many other Real Estate investors, I wanted to get started with REI. I saw that it could be a very profitable endeavor and I want to get involved and start making cash flow. Well I was hit with reality, I had a full time job, a son, a personal life and little...