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The Weekend is Here!

Wednesday, October 15

Today was the last day of my workweek, because my wife and I are going camping tomorrow. I worked about 5 hours today and got a lot done. My mission for the day was to fix the recent storm damage to one of my nicest houses. The hurricane force winds of Ike here in Ohio blew the facia off the house, blew some of the siding from one end of the house, and damaged several shingles. I fixed all of that today and did some work on the sidewalk which consists of decorative 18 inch stones.

I also showed one of my vacant 2 bedroom apartments to a woman today. She was an attractive, well-dressed woman looking at one of my lowest rent apartments. She said that she will definitely take the apartment, but I don't have a good feeling about her. Something just doesn't add up with this woman and I'm betting that she'll turn out to be a druggie.

I'll be back Sunday evening and start posting again next week! Have a good weekend (in advance)!


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