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Seeking Mentor to Invest

Thursday, April 23

I am looking for a mentor to help me get started and teach me some useful skills for investing.   I have read some of Robert Kiyosaki's (Rich Dad) books and I have even spoken with the Rich Dad coaching program but after reading reviews on this site I have decided againsst going along with their program.  I am looking for anybody that is will ing to share and help me learn some investing tactics and skills.   I don't know the first thing about investing so any information is welcome.   I am seriously interested in investing.  All I have got so far is the ideas the coachs gave me to get ready for investing and thats save about three to five thousand dollars to invest, Robert's way of "paying yourself first" and creating a budget and sticking with it.  I am guessing now that the three to five thousand was to pay the coachs.    I just need direction and guidance.  I am interested mainly in Foreclosure real estate.  If your interested in helping please email me.

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Randy Waite

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