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My Patriarchal Joint Venture Partner

By Simon Lloyd, 3 days ago.

After being quoted $14,000 for some foundation repair on my flip property (full disclosure, this was later modified to a slightly less mind-blowing $8,000) my Patriarchal Joint ...
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When good photography masks a bad rehab

By Dawn Anastasi, 14 days ago.

I was viewing properties this past weekend and had the following property on my list. It was listed as a 2 bedroom 1 bath property that had been newly rehabbed. In lookin...
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By Frank Iglesias, 3 days ago.

I was riding my bike recently on a nice warm day in Atlanta. I thought to myself while I was going up a hill ‘isn't it amazing how the mind can know when to shift gears based on the am...
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Day 16 - 22 of 90 (04/05/14 - 04/11/14)

By Dan Holden, 5 days ago.

Day 16 - 22 of 90 (04/05/14 - 04/11/14) I'm racking my brain. I've beaten it against the wall. I unscrewed my cranium and dunked my grey matter into a vat of rum, twice. Th...
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The story of my first (accidental) real estate deal

By Joe Kalis, 7 days ago.

Add one more to the ever-growing list of accidental real estate investors! It begins with the story of one of the most bizarre chapters of my life... Back in February of 2011...
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5 Quick Ways to Increase Curb Appeal Before You Rent

By Drew Sygit, 5 days ago.

Even if there’s no curb, you still need curb appeal. There’s always a tug-of-war when you’re getting a rental property ready to show to a new prospect. On the one hand, you want ...
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Rehab Calculator?

By Andrew Briggs, 11 days ago.

Hi, I'm new to REI starting out in wholesaling. Any ideas or tips on how to find more information about formulas that could be used to determine rehab costs? i.e., plug in sq ft, loc...
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It's a crap shoot

By Mark Updegraff, 7 days ago.

My father is the king of euphemisms and I always am left wondering where they came from. Today, I'm convinced that the main sewer line running under the concrete slab and a foot ...
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List of Self-Directed IRA Providers

By Mark Nolan, 10 months ago.

  Following is a list of self-directed IRA providers for opening a self-directed IRA for investing in alternative investments such as real estate, precious metals, promissory n...
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The TRUTH* about entity protection

By Adrian Tilley, 13 days ago.

SHOULD YOU HAVE AN ENTITY? There is a lot of discussion on the forms regarding whether to use a business entity for real estate investing, and if so, which entity to use. People...
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How To Manage Landlord-Tenant Relationship And Avoid Problems

By Frank Iglesias, 6 days ago.

Managing tenants will have problems no matter how good you are. Most tenants can be reasonable but you will still encounter some who are not in the long run. And although landlords a...
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Flipping vs Landlording, Which One is For You?

By Jessica Swingle, 12 days ago.

Building a real estate investment portfolio can be quite a rewarding experience, but there are some things to consider before you jump out of the gate. Understanding what type of inves...
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Searching for Unicorns (i.e. The Perfect Property)

By Ryan Ball, 7 days ago.

So you have watched plenty of reality TV shows, read countless articles and surfed across dozens of websites that tell you how easy it is to make money investing in real estate. I...
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Landlording at 85mph

By Brady Ernst, 8 days ago.

I wanted to change up the pace with this post a little bit and move from numbers and facts about my early investing career and share some of the crazy tenant stories I have experienced...
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Pro Tip for Investing While Working a Full Time Job

By Dante Nava, 12 days ago.

I am not what you would call a successful real estate investor, yet. I am however working at/towards it. In an effort to have something that would serve multiple purposes I decided to ...
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