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Can a foreclosure on a property be reversed back to a short sale?

By Mike Moulton, over 4 years ago.

http://www.TheSharpInvestor... - This week on AskMike, Mike Moulton discusses a recent real estate deal involving the reversal of a bank foreclosed house back to a short sale status. T...
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Recession is Over in Dallas according to Expert

By Leon O., over 4 years ago.

According to Richard Fisher, President and Cheif Executive of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, the Great Recession is over. Click on the link below to Read the article from the Dallas ...
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Time for a Much Needed Vacation!

By Niman S., over 4 years ago.

I haven't blogged in a while, but now ends right now! I am so excited I can't contain myself! Why? I am finally going on vacation! Now I know what you are thinking, Su...
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Investing From A Distance-- Is it for you?

By Tony Tomasek, over 4 years ago.

I felt compelled to write this post in response to a comment made about the previous article. It is true that it takes a special breed of Real Estate Investor to invest from lon...
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RE From Out of State/Country- Why do it?

By Tony Tomasek, over 4 years ago.

    More often than not RE investors have a local mentality.  I have literally had a fellow investor tell me 3 years ago that he, "wouldn't own a property if he c...
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Economic Updates

By Justin Pierce, over 4 years ago.

Last Week in the News Existing home sales rose 7.2% in July to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.24 million units from a revised level of 4.89 million units in June. July marks the f...
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Attracting Private Money Online For Your Real Estate Deals

By Simon Macharia, over 4 years ago.

Access to easily available, cheap private money to finance your real estate deals is a must for successful real estate investing. Attracting private money investors demands excellent pres...
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Learn To Use BiggerPockets: Site Help / Knowledgebase

By Joshua Dorkin, over 4 years ago.

We're going to try and put together a series of screencasts to help demonstrate how to use the various site features of BiggerPockets. Here's the first of many to come:How to Use the Bigg...
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Down Payment Assistance in Concord CA | Bay Area Real Estate Financing

By Jason Wheeler, over 4 years ago.

Subscribe Via RSS Feed | Subsrcribe Via Weekly Email News Letter First Time Homebuyer Program What is the First Time Homebuyer Program? It is a second mortgage loan program to assist ...
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Baltimore Does Memphis

By Orrin Yesko, over 4 years ago.

This past weekend August 20-23rd. Baltimore real estate investors converged on Memphis to see first hand the incredible oppertunities that  the Memphis market has. The Baltimore inve...
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1 Minute to Rental Property Riches Review Pt3

By Nick J., over 4 years ago.

Welcome to the third edition of my personal review. If you haven't been following, please read my other reviews and don't be afraid to leave a comment. You can follow these links to get y...
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Lucky Few are Buying $1 Million Homes for Just 2%

By Kejuan Stinson, over 4 years ago.

There's a new "secret" that a lucky few have already found that's enabling them to literally buy houses that ordinarily sell for around $1 Million or more - but now for just $1,...
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First Time Renting Tips

By Mayi De la Vega, over 4 years ago.

Embarking on your first rental purchase and finally having a place to call your own before taking the next step towards Miami real estate ownership is an exciting experience.  At the...
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Managing Contractors

By Michael Monteiro, over 4 years ago.

Having a good stable of contractors at your disposal is one of the more underrated tools for property management success. Following are some points to consider and a few tips for finding ...
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Angel Investor Needed

By Jim Barron, over 4 years ago.

We are open to discussions on a partnership for purchasing Multifamily, Buy Owner , REO's, Distressed.. 
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