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5 Hidden Possibilities for Older Houses

By Ryan Mullin, 6 days ago with 1 comment

A few things to look for when buying older homes. Read More


Top 10 reasons you KNOW your getting evicted

By Mark Updegraff, about 1 month ago with 3 comments

Mark's Top 10. These are my real lift examples of some ridiculous tenants. I hope you never have to encounter any of them! Read More


08.22.14 Breaking Even on a Less than 2 Month Tenancy

By Michele Fischer, 6 days ago with 2 comments

Discusses scenario and learnings from our most recent tenant turnover; tenant stayed under 2 months. Read More


The Pros and Cons of Real Estate Wholesaling

By Marina Sud, 5 days ago with 0 comments

Determine if Real Estate Wholesaling is for You In conclusion, while there’s the potential for making a lot of money wholesaling real estate, it do Read More


How to Use Home Inspection Report to Your Advantage

By Mike Jakobczak, 7 days ago with 2 comments

A home inspection report details everything that is right and wrong about the home. Use it to your advantage to make a profitable investment. Read More


I'm Broke but the World is My Oyster

By Christian Dunlap, 6 days ago with 3 comments

When to quit your job and jump into investing full-time. My backstory. Read More


Why I Stopped Flipping Houses and Bought an Island in Panama

By Josh Linnes, 10 days ago with 15 comments

After completing over 200 real estate transactions in the US, we quit the business, moved to the tropics, and bought an island. Here's why. Read More


Finding Real Estate Deals as an Alternative to the Rat Race

By Toyin Dawodu, 6 days ago with 1 comment

How do you recognize an abandoned property? Learn it here. This is for the newbies who have just started venturing to the real estate industry. Read More


They called me a slumlord

By Dawn Anastasi, 15 days ago with 37 comments

Dedicated to those who get made fun of for real estate investing, who can have the last laugh when their hard work pays off in financial freedom! Read More


Funniest Things I've Seen As a Real Estate Investor: Part 7

By Andrew Syrios, 10 days ago with 2 comments

It turned out I had more of these than I had originally anticipated. So the series continues. Read More


Funniest Things I've Seen As a Real Estate Investor: Part 6

By Andrew Syrios, 11 days ago with 2 comments

For this installment, we turn away from DIY disasters to the back office side of real estate ridiculousness. Read More


Funniest Things I've Seen As a Real Estate Investor: Part 8

By Andrew Syrios, 7 days ago with 0 comments

?All good things must come to an end (at least for now), so I present you with the final installment of the funniest things I've seen in real estate. Read More


Experiences of a "Relatively" New R.E. Investor, Part One

By Frankie Woods, 7 days ago with 2 comments

Frankie Woods documents his first real state experience as a military member learning the business before stumbling across BiggerPockets. Read More


Hey, I'm New Here....

By Emily Du Plessis, 22 days ago with 6 comments

I'm new to the member blog and I want to introduce myself and reach out to those of you who are investing in buy & hold properties! Read More


Do Something You Have Never Done Before!

By Jeff Rabinowitz, 13 days ago with 10 comments

Real estate investing takes action. In order to grow and learn you must take unfamiliar steps. Stop dwelling on the project. Do it. Read More

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