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How Being Lazy Can Help You Grow Rich

By Kevin Amolsch, 5 days ago with 0 comments

As long as you are committed to making sure the work gets done, it is healthy to not want to do the work and to try to find ways to “get out of it". Read More


Rent an Apartment or a Home?

By Tiffany Carter, 5 days ago with 0 comments

Looking to streamline processes for your renter's? Read More


Massachusetts Evictions - Housing Court or District Court?

By Rob Beland, 12 months ago with 3 comments

A landlord in Massachusetts has the option evicting tenants in either Housing Court or District Court. Have you ever considered District Court? Read More


Deals Deals Deals!

By Ryan Billingsley, 5 days ago with 0 comments

Without deals there is no business. Focus on your vital priorities and you will find success! Close deals and success will follow! Read More


What Have I Done To Date

By Skip MacKenna, 2 months ago with 4 comments

Starting a property investment company requires learning, mentors, community, business structure and recognition, a lot of work, and community concern Read More


My Eviction - Massachusetts Housing Court & The Mediation Process

By Rob Beland, 7 days ago with 2 comments

Just a rundown of my most recent experience with housing court and my first with the mediation process. It's not as bad as you think. (I think?) Read More


"Hack" of the Week - Sept. 22: Avoid Getting Flagged by Craigslist

By Wendell De Guzman, 6 months ago with 14 comments

Here's a simple technique that you can use so your ads on Craigslist won't be flagged and deleted without your permission! Read More


A Spreadsheet Jump Started My Investing

By Ryan Ball, 12 months ago with 4 comments

Is your investing stuck in neutral? Ours was. A spread sheet could be the key factor missing from your investing. See how it made a difference for us. Read More


One of the Most Common Real Estate Investor Flip Mistakes...

By JJ Pawlowski, 2 months ago with 4 comments

One of the most common real estate investor flip mistakes investors and agents make is easily avoidable if you know about it! Read More


Rehab #10.1 Stoneham - Staging Pictures

By Justin Silverio, 25 days ago with 4 comments

Staging pictures on my Stoneham project Read More


Low Rent Income Property - Screening Tenants

By Billy Turner, 9 days ago with 4 comments

Low Rent Income Property - Screening Tenants Read More


Why Your Single-Member LLC Needs an Operating Agreement

By Christian Carson, 9 days ago with 2 comments

Some people might find it silly to sign a contract with yourself, but it can be very important at certain critical times. Read More


Tax Liens: Over-the-Counter. Junk or Needle in a Haystack?

By Jerry K., about 1 month ago with 2 comments

OTC Tax liens get high rates of interest. But most properties are junk. I try to prove my point with 3 random OTC liens. Did I find a gem by accident? Read More


How Real Estate Allowed me to Quit my Full-time Job and Work Part Time

By Michael Rogers, 9 days ago with 2 comments

Overview of how I used real estate investing to allow me to transition from full time into a part-time corporate job while managing my real estate. Read More


Rehab #10.1, Stoneham – Final Analysis

By Justin Silverio, 7 days ago with 0 comments

Final financial and rehab analysis on Rehab #10.1 Stoneham Read More

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