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Small 1428029244 avatar marya

5 Reasons I'm Interested In CoWorking Properties As A Niche

By Mary Ann, about 2 months ago with 20 comments

Is Coworking a great new way to turn a propety into an income-producing machine or just another trend? Read More

Small 1417559379 avatar huynguyen

​How I shifted my mind to get Infinite return - and how you can, too!

By Huy Nguyen, 5 days ago with 0 comments

​How I shifted from 0% to 100% leveraging to get Infinite return And how you can, too Read More

Small 1399396456 avatar mpjzuber

Keep The Faith: If it were easy everyone would do it

By Michael Zuber, 5 days ago with 0 comments

I was Wrong in the Beginning and I hope by admitting it that it will help other investors move forward. Read More

Small 1424140469 avatar rdossey1

How to maximize your relationships on Bp!

By Ryan D., 9 days ago with 3 comments

Don't be the guy who gives up and abandons this wealth of information before giving THIS a try. Read More

Small 1402847119 avatar fischem

Tenant Screening: Positive Attributes to Screen For

By Michele Fischer, 5 days ago with 0 comments

Sharing what we are looking for in an applicant when doing tenant screening - the positive attributes Read More

Small 1399436910 avatar blackbelt

Buying Commercial Real Estate

By Joel Owens, 5 months ago with 6 comments

Process for what commercial lenders look for in buying commercial real estate. Read More

Small 1426164953 avatar tobyb

Better Than Drugs?

By Toby Bergstrom, 6 days ago with 0 comments

They say the two happiest days in the life of a boat owner are the day his wife lets him buy it, and the day he sells it. Investors may say the same! Read More

Small 1402847119 avatar fischem

A Blissfully Quiet Few Weeks

By Michele Fischer, 13 days ago with 1 comment

Recap of what has been going on with our rentals and adopt-a-block program in the past few weeks Read More

Small 1399786800 avatar jksteele

10 Helpful Tips For A Smooth Real Estate Transaction

By John Steele, 11 days ago with 1 comment

The American dream or the American nightmare? Which Real Estate experience do you want? Tips on improving your real estate transactions. Read More

Small 1420427889 avatar mspidell

Message to my 29 Year Old Self

By Mark Spidell, 14 days ago with 5 comments

As I approach my 39th birthday, I reflect back on some advice I needed to receive a decade ago. Read More

Small 1426174302 avatar pittsburghreia

When Can You Quit Your Job?

By Josh Caldwell, 10 days ago with 7 comments

A breif opinion on when it is ok to quit your job and become a full time real estate investor Read More

Small 1399343250 avatar kevinamolsch

3 Ways to Find Motivated Sellers on a Shoe String Budget

By Kevin Amolsch, 10 days ago with 2 comments

My top three ways to find motivated sellers, with little to no out of pocket expense were: calling for cash, driving for dollars, and bandit signs. Read More

Small 1399668663 avatar fuquanbilal1

Interpersonal Skills in the Note Business

By Fuquan Bilal, 9 days ago with 1 comment

Building rapport should be a top priority for any person in the note business. People who don’t know how to be social are limited to opportunities. Read More

Small 1430944348 avatar lacharles

My Story as an Newbie Investor

By LaCharles Dunlap, 9 days ago with 1 comment

Newbie recap; -Carve out time -Comprehend over just knowing -Ask the hard Questions -Expect genuine answers -Take Action Read More

Small 1419699329 avatar jjpawlowski

Let's Talk About ARV!

By JJ Pawlowski, 9 days ago with 0 comments

One of the most common mistakes investors make is overestimating the ARV of the subject property. ​Do you know how to estimate your ARV? Read More

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