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The Ethics of Spinoza and Nietzche's Superman

By Ryan Foret, 3 days ago with 0 comments

Excerpts from Will Durant's "The Story of Philosophy" Spinoza & Nietzsche Make these ideas instinctual! Read More

Small 1415659785 avatar vernharrisgav

My First (Unsuccessful) Deals

By Vern Harris, 6 days ago with 1 comment

Try and try again... my first 2 deals crashed Read More

Small 1404174868 avatar deniselevans

How To Buy Zombie Mortgage Properties

By Denise Evans, 3 days ago with 0 comments

How mortgages get to be zombies, and how to bring them back to life and buy them. Read More

Small 1399767661 avatar dwryu72

Wannabe to Investor in 2 steps (Bonus: Do them while sitting!)

By Daniel Ryu, 3 months ago with 4 comments

An article on: Wannabe to Real Estate Investor in TWO Easy Steps. Full of fluff with one really important insight..GUARANTEED (or your MONEY back!) Read More

Small 1435254173 avatar thang

Episode 17-18/52 - Hovering

By Thang Cao, 4 days ago with 0 comments

Episode 17-18 out of 52 of a noob's first year. Read More

Small 1436631492 avatar sophiadelacotte

Home Pricing Strategies: The Good,The Bad and the Ugly

By Sophia Delacotte, 4 days ago with 0 comments

Tips to sell your home in Silicon Valley at the best price Read More

No avatar small

Real Estate Or Gold - When And How To Invest In

By Barrack Diego, 4 days ago with 0 comments

The Yorktown Indiana Real Estate has many opportunities to make big gains. Read More

Small 1438016807 avatar flipadelphia

Project Flipadelphia: Preparing to Close

By Juliana Mei, 5 days ago with 0 comments

What to do after signing PSA on a state auction: Inspectors, General Contractors, and Insurance Read More

Small 1431660541 avatar mariom2

Time for a Lath Bath!

By Mario Mormile, 5 days ago with 0 comments

I am going to stay better focused on my goals and making sure that they are met. Read More

Small 1399755087 avatar johnmyers

Flip This House Redemption Rights

By John Myers, 5 days ago with 0 comments

Redemption Rights and a learning experience Read More

Small 1437846469 avatar ryanforet

Key Takeaways: David Crook's Book on Real-Estate Investing (Part 1)

By Ryan Foret, 5 days ago with 2 comments

Key Takeaways "The Wall Street Journal. Complete Real-Estate Investing Guidebook." By: David Crook Introduction & Chapters 1, 2, & 3 Read More

Small 1409994544 avatar rdevaney

101 Ways to Make Money in Real Estate (Introduction) not in any order!

By Richard D., 5 days ago with 0 comments

A self commitment to give back to the people (my wife specifically ) who have pushed me to be thorough in how I approach earning money in real estate. Read More

Small 1416121325 avatar jhakunti

Interest Rates through the Decades

By Jayden Hakunti, 5 days ago with 0 comments

In 2015 it's more affordable now than ever to own a home. With all the down payment assistance available, why still pay your landlord's mortgage? Read More

Small 1436631492 avatar sophiadelacotte

How to Deal With Shared Fences and Boundaries Problems

By Sophia Delacotte, 18 days ago with 3 comments

How should you go about changing the fences? Who pays for it? What if your neighbor refuses to change it or pay for the repairs? Read More

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