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2015 Big Things Poppin'

By Carla Moore, 4 days ago with 0 comments

Yellow letters and Bandit Sign campaigns how are they working for me? Marketing what are the best avenues, I hope I don't have to try them all! Read More


Your standard contract "AS IS" clause could cost you $55,000

By Scott Smith, 18 days ago with 7 comments

The standard contract "as is" clause won't keep you out of a lawsuit. "as is" clause; real estate contract; real estate contracts; asset protection. Read More


How the medical field can help you become a Rockstar RE entrepreneur

By Tyrone Green, 6 days ago with 5 comments

How the medical field can make you a Rock Star RE entrepreneur Read More


One weird legal trick to protect your assets better than an LLC

By Scott Smith, 3 months ago with 16 comments

Trusts are likely cheaper, easier, and and provide greater protections than your LLC. Read More


Who the Heck AM I???

By Christopher Kelly, 6 days ago with 2 comments

Introduction to Chris Kelly, an old fart, getting into the non-perfoming notes business. Read More


2015 goals

By Kenneth Hynes, 10 days ago with 1 comment

Transition goals for 2015, and what my priority of work on the Real estate side will be Read More


Transitioning Careers - Military retirement

By Kenneth Hynes, about 1 month ago with 2 comments

Introduction and purpose of the blog as I transtion from my current career to retuirement and beyond Read More


January 24, 2015 Sarting a Property Investment Company

By Skip MacKenna, 5 days ago with 0 comments

Finding Buyers for wholesaling; just get a deal; and try FSBOs. Read More


What Have I Done To Date

By Skip MacKenna, 7 days ago with 2 comments

Starting a property investment company requires learning, mentors, community, business structure and recognition, a lot of work, and community concern Read More


Learn How To Build A House Hunting Database!

By Jordan T., 29 days ago with 25 comments

(TLDR: Use mymaps to create a housing database. Reading Time: 1 Minute & 15 Seconds) Read More


01-23-15 Personal Social Media Strategy

By Michele Fischer, 6 days ago with 1 comment

Exploring how we as professionals can put our best foot forward on social media. Googled yourself lately? Read More


Example of a Tax Lien Payoff - Here Are The Results

By Jerry K., about 1 month ago with 11 comments

The breakdown of a Tax Lien return. An AZ lien on a small vacant residential property where the owner paid off the lien after 44 months. Read More


My Motivation

By William Byers, 7 days ago with 1 comment

My motivation Read More


Why Detroit?

By Byron Chen, 4 months ago with 11 comments

I recently started looking into Detroit as a potential area to find investment properties. Why?!?! Well find out and check out my story. Read More


Why More Women Should Be Business Owners

By Greg Wake, 7 days ago with 0 comments

Women have broken ground on so many levels of work, politics, equality and education in America but there is still work to be done. Read More

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