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3 ways I got lucky with my recent purchase (No more FHA loan, WHAT?!?)

By Dru Steeby, 6 days ago with 0 comments

In this blog post, I describe three ways that I got lucky purchasing my first duplex! Read More



By Michael Lemieux, 11 days ago with 7 comments

Quotes of inspiration, how a few words can say SO much. Read More


Texas Tax Sales: A Beginners Tale

By Richard Devaney, 7 days ago with 0 comments

Basic information about participating in a Texas property tax sale, and how not to look like a fool while obtaining information. Read More


Outlook Continues to Be Bright for B and C Class Apartments

By Jonathan Twombly, 7 days ago with 4 comments

According to Q3 Apartment Outlook by MMRS, the near future continues to appear bright for investors in B and C class apartments Read More


Spec Home Financing

By Chad Lubke, 7 days ago with 0 comments

Spec home financing options: bank financing, private money, lines of credit, equity lines Read More


Real Estate Investment = Problem Solving

By Toyin Dawodu, 7 days ago with 0 comments

Build your real estate investment portfolio by finding motivated sellers. Read More


The 7 Deadly Sins of Leadership – Series Wrap-up

By Andrew Cordle, 7 days ago with 0 comments

Will you ever be a perfect leader? No. Will I? No. Read More


How To Handle Highest and Best Counters

By Andrew Syrios, 7 days ago with 0 comments

?The highest and best counter is the dread of many real estate investors. Well, not really dread, but it certainly is unpleasant. Read More


How do I started and what are the excuses?

By Huy Nguyen, 2 months ago with 9 comments

A short blog on what it took to get a person started in real estate. Excuses for not starting in real estate, and motivational factors to move forward Read More


Real Estate License: Yes or No

By Cedric Casby, 11 days ago with 3 comments

Is a real estate license beneficial or negligible for a real estate investor who has no intentions of buying or selling homes for other people? Read More


Are building permits really necessary?

By Walt Payne, 7 days ago with 0 comments

Building permits cost money, and nobody will even know if you are just doing interior work, right? Read More


Attention Newbies: Someone Is Reading Your Blog

By Ben G., 4 months ago with 5 comments

You have more influence than you think. Start a blog or keep writing and sharing knowledge. I promise, someone out there is reading. Read More


Debt should be secondary

By Dmitriy Chebotarev, 8 days ago with 2 comments

Chief Business Development Officer of investment and development company discuses debt financing and the unknown danger that it poses. Read More


More Than Just a Rental Property

By Tiffany Carter, 8 days ago with 0 comments

More than just a rental property. Check out these 5 best practices to creating an experience, that will make the sale! Read More


Realtor or Deal Finder? Which Role is Best For You?

By Toyin Dawodu, 8 days ago with 0 comments

What is the difference between Real Estate Agents and Realtors? I will explain to you and teach you even more. You may consider being a Deal Finder. Read More

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