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Building a Custom Home in SouthWood Tallahassee

By Nathan Cross, almost 5 years ago.

Building a custom home in SouthWood Southwood is created from the vision of St. Joe by intricately blending the natural with the man made.  In order to maintain the integrity of Ta...
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Are You Using Dwellicious?

By Pamela Cendejas, almost 5 years ago.

Dwellicious (Dwell-icious) was introduced to the real estate industry at the Inman Real Estate Connect Conference in New York City last January. Inman has also placed Dwellicious in the ...
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Success is a slow climb...

By Regan Brookins-Longville, almost 5 years ago.

This is a short entry: Success is like a mountain and is climbed slowly but, when I look to the peak, I can see it's definitely something I can get to if I keep putting one foot in f...
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Weekly Freddie Mac Update:

By Howard Sobel, almost 5 years ago.

MORTGAGE RATES DOWN: FOR THIRD CONSECUTIVE WEEK 30-year fixed-rate mortgage: Averaged 5.14 percent with an average 0.7 point...
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Texas Home Price Appreciation Over 6 Years

By Leon O., almost 5 years ago.

  Home prices appreciationThe average home sales price in Texas has increased $23,800 from April 2003 to April 2009 Considering that over recent months home sales prices have dropped...
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It’s what you do with your money next that really counts.

By Scott Schultz, almost 5 years ago.

It’s what you do with your money next that really counts.In a lot of cases today investors, property owners of any type of property, are faced with a sale price which is less than t...
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SEO Scores for Rental Websites

By Chris Davies, almost 5 years ago.

I first posted this over at my personal blog, but thought the community at BP might find this one interesting. I'm a part-time investor, but my full-time gig is a SEO for a major agency. ...
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False Bottoms?

By Glenn Plantone, almost 5 years ago.

For the last 18 months real estate investors, market analysts and other experts have speculated as to when the long awaited bottom for the beleaguered real estate market would finally arr...
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The Secret About Experts Part 2

By William G., almost 5 years ago.

In my first post I wasn't entirely honest.  Knowing a few tricks and using them successfully is only the way to be percieved as an expert. But that is the first step to actually bein...
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All Plugged Up!

By Michael Rossi, almost 5 years ago.

I planned on just doing a little work today. To that end, I didn't leave the house until about noon. My plan was to coat a small section of roof that was leaking; repair one window; and p...
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The Secret About Experts Part 1

By William G., almost 5 years ago.

I am very good at apearing to be an expert.  More than that, I am very good at becoming an expert.  I'm an expert marketer. I'm an expert at sales automation.  Nine monthes...
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Economic Updates

By Justin Pierce, almost 5 years ago.

Last Week in the News--------------------------------------------------------------------------On Monday, July 6, the Institute for Supply Management reported the monthly index of non-man...
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Fort Worth Condos Are Becoming More and More Popular...

By Kim Jameson, almost 5 years ago.

Getting a condo is a common dream for many American citizens. The Federal Government has also accepted the provision of reasonable shelter options as one of the main millennium developmen...
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Realtor Not Submitting My Offer

By Brian G., almost 5 years ago.

6-29-09 I went back to get more probate leads Friday (6-26-09) and today.  I refined my search requirements and am now only mailing to out of state heirs or when there is only o...
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Very Good Day!

By Michael Rossi, almost 5 years ago.

I had a very good day today - at least from the standpoint of getting a lot done. My objective for today was to finish making the 2 bedroom house, that was involved in my recent nasty evi...
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