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Follow Up Marketing

By Matt Midden, 21 days ago with 0 comments

How 2 minutes a month will make me close to $20,000. One of the easiest ways to find deals in any market that most of your competitors fail to do. Read More


Cash flow is not God

By Dmitriy Chebotarev, 23 days ago with 1 comment

Cash flow is great, but there are other ways to invest that will provide a healthier return with less management and headache. Read More


The Two Financial Games You Play (and How to Win)

By Chad Carson, 7 months ago with 1 comment

These are my take on the two financial games we each play. I also explain the fundamentals for winning those games. Read More


Common Mobile Home Investing Mistakes

By John Fedro, 21 days ago with 0 comments

This article is designed to help provide the newbie mobile home investor. The three red flags below have all been costly mistakes that I have made... Read More


The Texas Tax Sale: A Step by Step Guide

By Josh James, 21 days ago with 0 comments

There is a lot to understand about becoming a Texas tax deed investor. Hopefully the path is a little easier to understand now. Read More


Driving for Dollars: Success #1?

By Stephanie W., 29 days ago with 3 comments

Driving for dollars generates a lead. Equity in place, owner behind on payments. Next step: get house under contract. Read More


Offer Accepted; First Flip is a GOOOOO!

By Stephanie W., 22 days ago with 0 comments

Now that my offer is accepted and we're going to escrow, I must sit down and write out a detailed PLAN for getting the rehab complete before T'Giving. Read More


Fundamentals of Buy and Hold

By Andrew Syrios, 22 days ago with 0 comments

Buying and holding real estate successfully requires a lot of very different tasks to be accomplished simultaneously or else it won’t work. Read More


Texas Tax Sales: A Beginners Tale

By Richard D., about 1 month ago with 2 comments

Basic information about participating in a Texas property tax sale, and how not to look like a fool while obtaining information. Read More


5 Reasons to Become a CRE Professional

By Michael Morris, about 1 month ago with 2 comments

5 Reasons to Become a CRE Professional Read More


How to Negotiate for Your Murrieta CA Homes for Rent

By Sidney Kutchuk, 23 days ago with 0 comments

Don’t search in vain for your ideal Murrieta CA rental home within your ideal price. Try some of these negotiation tips! Read More


First "Learn" then remove the "L"

By David Brown, 26 days ago with 1 comment

Learn then remove the L and earn. We are here to make a killing Read More


MARKETING 101: Miscommunication

By Andrew Cordle, 23 days ago with 0 comments

...if you want your company to reach new benchmarks of achievement, you must master the art of communicating your brand! Read More


Magic House for Sale.

By Jeff Rabinowitz, 5 months ago with 3 comments

How to spot an ad for a magic house. Hidden expenses that all houses have. Due diligence. Read More

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