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Wholesale Assignment vs Double Close

By Marcus Maloney, about 1 month ago with 4 comments

The advantage and disadvantage of assignments and double closing wholesale deals. Learn from my mistake and save yourself thousands. Read More


Wholesaling Real Estate Key To Success

By Frank Iglesias, 14 days ago with 0 comments

Wholesaling real estate is popular to those who wants to enter in real estate business due to the minimal risk involved but not everyone is successful Read More


So you want make money in Real Estate huh?

By Stephen Barton, 18 days ago with 4 comments

No matter your niche or strategy, you better not give in your own lies. We control (for the most part) what happens in our lives. Take charge today! Read More


Wannabe to Investor in 2 steps (Bonus: Do them while sitting!)

By Daniel Ryu, 15 days ago with 0 comments

An article on: Wannabe to Real Estate Investor in TWO Easy Steps. Full of fluff with one really important insight..GUARANTEED (or your MONEY back!) Read More


If You Are Looking For Everything You May Find Nothing

By Jeff Rabinowitz, 16 days ago with 2 comments

Specific criteria generate more leads. Read More


Getting Back to Level

By Evan Chance, 28 days ago with 2 comments

How not to purchase your starter house, nor your next house. Learning to hear what mentors are saying. Read More


Part I - Researching the Property

By Darla Holtzclaw, 16 days ago with 0 comments

This is my journey, figuring out the steps to buying a property from heirs of a decease person and/or through a tax foreclosure in Texas. Read More


Are You Winning or Whining?

By Nancy Brook, 16 days ago with 0 comments

Are you a winner or a whiner? Attitude is a big part of success in real estate investing. Read More


Episode 4 - The Sharpening

By Thang Cao, 16 days ago with 0 comments

Another episode in my saga. Read More


How I Lost Nearly $30000 in Real Estate On a Deal!!!

By Martin Sterling, 26 days ago with 7 comments

This is how I lost $30,000 on a Real Estate deal that involved NO real estate and a guide to starting your investing career the correct way. Read More


Ultimate Guide on Social Media to Promote Real Estate Listings

By Denise Stanley, 17 days ago with 0 comments

Social media is a great way to get potential buyers looking at your homes. Ideally, you'll be able to find customers or others to share your listings Read More


Disaster For The ‘First Investor’: A Case Study

By Keith Frank, 17 days ago with 0 comments

The right professionals at the right time can save you serious money! Read More


The Millennial Realtor and Investor

By Maria Fortner, 17 days ago with 0 comments

Millennial Realtor's and Investor's. Read More


Do I Need a Real Estate Investment Team? What do I Look For?

By Brandon L., 5 months ago with 3 comments

Professionals that are valuable to me as a new investor Read More


The Journey Thus Far

By Roger Smart, 18 days ago with 0 comments

TLDR: This is how I failed to act. Action leads to results. Massive action leads to massive results. The key is to act. Read More

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