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Building A Realistic Buyers List Is A Lifeline In Real Estate

By Frank Iglesias, 25 days ago.

Building a realistic buyers list is a lifeline in Real Estate Investing. This is very true. All investors will need that list whether you plan to rehab or wholesale. These buyers list...
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Starting Out DIY

By Aaron Montague, 26 days ago.

1) What upgrades improve the price you can ask for rent? Paint is probably the best. Simple and "sorta" cheap. Adding a half bath is always good. Insulation means low...
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Liability Insurance Needs for Rental Properties

By Jason T., almost 3 years ago.

As real estate investors one of the most important things in your business should be asset protection.  If you haven’t already done so you need to take time to exam your invest...
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First Deal COMPLETE!!!

By Alexander Bustos, about 1 month ago.

I started my first marketing campaign in August of just about 400-500 Yellow Letters to Absentee Owners. Now I will admit, the first 2 months were slow...During my first month I only r...
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Just another update!

By Manuel Acuna, 28 days ago.

Hey there everyone! School is going great. It is incredibly easy. I always thought Registered Nursing School would be hard, but it feels like a break from all the prerequisi...
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How Do I Find a Mentor?

By Ned Carey, 6 months ago.

It is a Common Question on Bigger Pockets How Do I Find a Mentor? One theme that comes up regularly on Bigger Pockets is new investors wanting to know how to find a ment...
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By Nasar Elarabi, 27 days ago.

How do you know how to deal with private money if you never dealt with private money? In this video I talk about how I almost messed up a loan for 70k. So please watch this video and t...
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Top 10 Bandit Sign Mistakes

By John Glover, about 2 years ago.

I know I’ve been talking a lot lately about Bandit Signs and how to use them. Well, I really see the need in getting this information out there with spring being here, the new inves...
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Is This A Good Rental Investment? Part III: Assessing Repairs

By Drew Sygit, 27 days ago.

Even an otherwise-excellent investment property can become your Kryptonite if it needs too much work or you spend too much. We’re assuming by now that you’re reading this because...
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Dare to fail.

By Adrian Tilley, 29 days ago.

If you've listened to any number of Real Estate Investing podcasts, you've heard over and over...and over that you need to stop being afraid of failure and just get started. It's true...
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03.21.14 Book Review: Building Wealth with Inner City Rentals

By Michele Fischer, 29 days ago.

The last book I reviewed, I didn't realize the author was on BiggerPockets. This time I know the author is, because that's why I bought it. The book is Building Wealth with In...
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Q: I'm looking at acquiring my first MF property. Is it better to...

By Carmen Alexe, about 1 month ago.

Q. I'm looking at acquiring my first Multifamily property. Is is better to go solo, syndicate with a group, or partner with limited deep pocket investors? A. Good qu...
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Day 3 of 90 (03/19/14)

By Dan Holden, about 1 month ago.

After I got off work, at Midnight, officially making it Day 3 of the challenge I sent out a few letters to Property Managers. Now, when I contacted Property Management I made those cu...
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How I Went From a Single Rental to $500,000/yr in Rental Income.

By Brady Ernst, about 1 month ago.

I am usually a pretty quiet person and don’t like to share too much. But all of my family and friends keep telling me that I should share all of my experiences and adventures I have h...
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Day 2 of 90 (03/18/14)

By Dan Holden, about 1 month ago.

Side Note: It's my brothers 31st birthday. So today was by far the laziest day I've had. Although I did create a custom form letter to send out to potential Realtors. I'd love t...
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