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Small 1402847119 avatar fischem

June: The Month of Grads and Notices

By Michele Fischer, 15 days ago with 1 comment

checking in on life and landlording Read More

Small 1423877070 avatar toms11

The Auction House -- Risky Business?

By Tom Shepard, 14 days ago with 0 comments

Have you ever wanted to take the plunge and buy a house at an auction? Follow along as we do just that. Come with us to see how it turns out! Read More

Small 1421593227 avatar kevinjrnietorei

Top 10 Tips For First Time Buy And Hold Investors

By Kevin Ramirez Nieto, 15 days ago with 0 comments

10 tips every first time buy and hold investor should take into consideration before taking the big leap into the world of real estate Read More

Small 1425595084 avatar hasemann

Mike's Week - An inside look at a MONTH of Investing

By Mike H., 16 days ago with 0 comments

A month of investing notes and what I've been up this month. We'll try to get back to the weekly updates now that the mad rush is over. Read More

Small 1399315547 avatar clemsoninvestor

The All Cash Plan - Path #1 to Free & Clear Real Estate

By Chad Carson, 12 months ago with 11 comments

This is my path #1 to achieve a free and clear real estate portfolio. If you like it conservative and steady, this plan is for you. Read More

Small 1432256363 avatar fumblefind

6-17-2015 First Post

By Reed Starkey, 17 days ago with 0 comments

My journey as a Real Estate Entrepreneur. Read More

Small 1399688232 avatar thirdgeneration

Wholesale Assignment vs Double Close

By Marcus Maloney, 3 months ago with 11 comments

The advantage and disadvantage of assignments and double closing wholesale deals. Learn from my mistake and save yourself thousands. Read More

Small 1399786800 avatar jksteele

Do You Really Need A Real Estate Agent?

By John Steele, 19 days ago with 3 comments

Do you really need a real estate agent? How a real estate agent can help you when buying or selling a home. Read More

Small 1399739951 avatar keiguncoffee

The Truth about Water Heaters

By Mike Baker, 17 days ago with 0 comments

Remember a Water Tank can be a very expensive project . So don’t try to be cheap, or better yet, don’t be afraid to call a professional. Read More

Small 1433975343 avatar quincyl

How to Create an Effective LinkedIn Business Listing

By Quincy Longwood, 18 days ago with 0 comments

Learn why your company should have a LinkedIn business profile, how you can use it to your advantage and tips for creating a compelling listing. Read More

Small 1429909120 avatar jacklv

21 Day Flip Journal! Day 4 Sunday June 7th.

By Jack C., 18 days ago with 0 comments

Demo is on it's way now fun part, planning what it's supposed to look like. Let's see of we hit 21 Days from the time we closed. It's not like TV! Read More

Small 1415659785 avatar vernharrisgav

A Beginners Real Estate Infancy

By Vern Harris, 18 days ago with 0 comments

Getting started in Real Estate Investing. How I got started. Read More

Small 1429621335 avatar david o

How to Become a Successful Real Estate Investor in Miami

By David Ocon, 29 days ago with 2 comments

As long as you wake up and your mission is the first thing on your mind you’re on the road to greatness. Immerse yourself in everything real estate. Read More

Small 1429909120 avatar jacklv

21 Day Flip Journal! Day 3 Saturday June 6th.

By Jack C., 19 days ago with 0 comments

Waited six months to close this probate deal. We are adding a bedroom and a bath. It needs a lot of work, and we are going to do it in 21 Days. Read More

Small 1435254173 avatar thang

Episode 12 – Learning Curve

By Thang Cao, 19 days ago with 0 comments

Episode 12 in a noob's first year of RE investing. Read More

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