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Just Make the Offer

By Tyler H., about 1 month ago.

As an Investor, I sometimes wonder if the offers I am making are low enough and even contemplate whether sellers may even be offended by a low offer. Recent events have so...
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Top 15 Quotes to inspire your Real Estate Business any day of the year

By David Rundle, about 1 month ago.

Here are 15 quotes that I've compiled and keep in a text document on my desktop. These quotes remind me that others have faced adversity and accomplished their dreams. Be sure to lea...
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Buying a Rental Property - Step 5 of 8

By Dawn Anastasi, about 1 month ago.

To think that one article from Brandon Turner on the Bigger Pockets blog about how to buy a rental property would inspire me to write a 9 part series on the topic! It helps that I'm v...
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4 Simple Tricks that Make Being a Landlord a Little More Profitable

By Drew Sygit, 3 months ago.

Landlords that get creative are landlords that keep tenants and make more money! Being a landlord is hardly all sitting down and raking in profits because you’re nice enough to l...
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The Greatest Salesman in the World (Book Review)

By Shae Bynes, almost 4 years ago.

Over and over again I’ve heard rave reviews of Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman In the World.   Notable successful entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, and person...
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10 Things to look at when Buying a House

By Lynda Poe, about 1 month ago.

I.FOUNDATION: Does the structure appear to be stable. In SW Oklahoma that doesn't mean any cracks aren't visible but are they stable. Are walls bowed, ceilings sagging and foundati...
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3 Quick Speed Painting Tips and One Nasty Apartment

By Cory Binsfield, 3 months ago.

Here's 3 speed painting tips for your next turnover. Right now I'm back in rehab (not to be confused with the other one) as a result of a tenant that I inherited and eventua...
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House or Area, Which is More Important?

By Alex Craig, about 1 month ago.

Last week I discussed the common investment problem of overemphasizing the Pro Formas over the strengths of the areas where the investment properties are located (a situation that cau...
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Bit of Details of My Second Purchase

By Martin Zawarski, 2 months ago.

I bought my second property within two weeks of buying my first property. This home was a foreclosure that was less than five minute drive from my home. My initial offer on this detac...
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Top Ten reasons you can't get a MEATY deal

By Mark Updegraff, 3 months ago.

10. Not having a home inspection is a "Deal Breaker" 9. You had to see the property before you declared that you were writing an offer 8. You didn't ask if there were any...
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Covenants with your investment property? Get to know your HOA.

By Frank Iglesias, almost 2 years ago.

HOA?  The very mention of these three letters is quite effective for getting some emotional responses in a hurry in our market.  While some people speak respectably about thei...
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You've Done Your Marketing, the Phone is Ringing.....Now What?

By Jerry Puckett, 11 months ago.

I get this question all the time. I'm a big fan of using a script. That way I always know what to say, and can stay in control of the conversation.  Here is a sample script that I've...
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How sweet it is! Failure that is!

By Steven Johnson, about 1 month ago.

I'm paging my way through Jack Cummings "Real Estate Finance and Investment Manual. 9th Ed." Its an overly whelming intimidating book of 600 pages of information on real estate with so...
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Location! Location! Location!

By Freida Mccullough, almost 2 years ago.

We all have heard this saying a million times especially when purchasing a home-but how important is it really?  Here are some tips on finding the right location when purchasing a ho...
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Buying HOA Foreclosures

By Monica Breckenridge, 7 months ago.

With property values rising, many investors have moved away from the fix and flip market because the profit margins are no longer wide enough to invest the time and money. With intere...
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