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4 Ways To Buy Rentals With No Down Payment

By Kevin Amolsch, 27 days ago with 5 comments

Using no money down strategies can accelerate your success but you need to be careful. Learn 4 ways to buy with no money down and go do it right. Read More


Overcoming Fear, Age, and Lack of Experience To Hit Your Goals

By John Fedro, 25 days ago with 0 comments

Let’s be honest, if you look fifteen when you show up to a seller’s door people will hold preconceived notions about your experience, your desires, yo Read More


Ya Gotta Have Goals

By Nicholas DeLouisa Jr, 26 days ago with 0 comments

The importance of goals Read More


Don't Miss the REO Boom!

By Scott Hetherington, 26 days ago with 1 comment

These days, foreclosures are sort of like gold. The good ones are harder to find than they used to be, but when you do, they’re also worth a lot more. Read More


What is the difference between a $100k 6% loan and a $125k 4% loan?

By Giovanni Isaksen, about 1 month ago with 2 comments

?A single tall latte; or in other words $3.00. That is the difference in monthly payments on the two mortgages which is the key to understanding why Read More


Tips to Make Home Loan Process go Smoothly

By Charles Kuchlenz, 26 days ago with 0 comments

I got some great advice from my loan officer as I move forward on a rehab purchase, so I thought I would share. Read More


2nd Fastest Growing City in America - Midland, TX

By Kelly Toney, 26 days ago with 0 comments

Real Estate opportunities abound in Midland, County and throughout the Permian Basin. Read More


In Many Markets, Home Prices Near 2006 Peak!

By Reginald Perryman, 27 days ago with 2 comments

Over the last year, home prices nationwide have steadily increased. In fact, four states reported home prices that matched their peak, and twenty-two Read More


Warning: 5 Keys Points Wholesalers Must Tell A Seller

By Marcus Maloney, 7 months ago with 1 comment

Close more deals by using these tactics when following up on leads Read More


Why do both spouses need to sign the paperwork?

By Michael Otranto, 2 months ago with 1 comment

Why it is essential to have the signature of both husband and wife when buying investment properties. Read More


Top Ten reasons the Newbie Investors FAIL

By Mark Updegraff, about 1 month ago with 2 comments

Mark's Top Ten Reasons why Newbie Investors Fail Read More


Stand up and make a damn decision

By Robert Norvell, 28 days ago with 3 comments

Dealing with banks isnt always easy, but once you understand their game things can go much easier. Read More


Top 10 reasons why Realtors HATE working with Investors

By Mark Updegraff, about 1 month ago with 5 comments

Looking for an investor friendly agent? Here are the top ten reasons why REALTORS hate working with some investors (not the good ones of course!). Read More


The 7 Deadly Sins of Leadership: Sin #5 – Leadership Production

By Andrew Cordle, 28 days ago with 0 comments

“There is no man living who isn’t capable of doing more than he thinks he can do.” – Henry Ford Read More


08.01.14 Bullet Dodged with Rental Agreement Interpretation

By Michele Fischer, about 1 month ago with 3 comments

Discovered that a sentence of our rental agreement could be interpreted very different ways. A vacating tenant expected a higher refund. Read More

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