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11.26.14 Thanksgiving Reflections

By Michele Fischer, 23 days ago with 4 comments

Reflecting on some real estate related blessings I am thankful for this Thanksgiving season Read More



By Sonja Coderre, 20 days ago with 2 comments

The genesis of a newbie real estate investing couple - from a radio show to BiggerPockets podcasts to getting started. Read More


My Neighbor Taught Me Real Estate

By Justin Aymer, about 1 year ago with 6 comments

My neighbor gave me my first lesson in real estate. Her story changed my whole approach to housing and made me look at homes in a new light. Read More


Why Real Estate Investors Fail?

By Laura Al-Amery, over 3 years ago with 5 comments

After working for several years with investors, I have compiled a list of common traits and obstacles, which seems to scare and stop investors. Read More


A Real World Deal....Making an extra $100K on a deal in NZ

By Brian Gibbons, almost 5 years ago with 1 comment

A Real World Deal....Making an extra $100K on a deal in NZ Read More


11.07.14 - Terrible Tenant Saga Finally Ends

By Michele Fischer, about 1 month ago with 3 comments

Fourth and final installment of getting our tenant from hell to move out. We love Cash for Keys. Read More


11.01.14 Book Review: The Renters’ Survival Kit by Ed Sacks

By Michele Fischer, about 1 month ago with 4 comments

Book review of The Renters’ Survival Kit by Ed Sacks, a book written for tenants and applicants Read More


11.14.14 Using Facebook for Screening

By Michele Fischer, about 1 month ago with 5 comments

Tips on using Facebook to help screen, especially awareness of Facebook friends Read More


I just came from the forums and I'm pumped!

By Christy Hall, 24 days ago with 2 comments

After browsing the BiggerPockets forums I am filled with hope as to the potential of success I could reach if I worked it properly. Read More


The Importance of Scoping the Sewer Line

By Andrew Syrios, 6 months ago with 8 comments

One of the most common missed pieces of due diligence is to scope the sewer line. Read More


Why Detroit?

By Byron Chen, 2 months ago with 6 comments

I recently started looking into Detroit as a potential area to find investment properties. Why?!?! Well find out and check out my story. Read More


The First Step Toward Wealth Creation: Unexpected and Scary but Done

By Jonathan Cope, 24 days ago with 1 comment

Our start as landlords was unconventional but effective. Read More


First Dallas Flip - Officially Closed!

By Andrew Herrig, 3 months ago with 9 comments

Analysis of our first Dallas house flip with before and after pictures. Read More


Do I Need a Real Estate Investment Team? What do I Look For?

By Brandon L., 25 days ago with 1 comment

Professionals that are valuable to me as a new investor Read More


4 Reasons NOT to a Buy a Condo.

By Greg Wake, 21 days ago with 1 comment

I would never buy a condo for the rest of my life, simple as that. Read More

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