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Case Study - Tax Lien Foreclosure coupled with Revenue Stream strategy

By Jerry K., about 1 month ago with 1 comment

I had a tax lien investment that was heading to one of two possible outcomes - one with a good return, one with a bad return - if 17.82% is bad. Read More


Is the Primary Residence Always a Liability?

By Samuel Nichols, about 1 month ago with 3 comments

Although my peers believe I'm deluded, I believe a primary residence can act as an asset, instead of a liability. Read More


REI-guru junk, and saving you $97

By Dakota Cooley, about 1 month ago with 3 comments

Dealing with gurus, overcoming obstacles, and why you should be sketched out about ANYTHING that costs $97. Read More


Getting Mentally Ready Again!

By Steve Dorsey, about 1 month ago with 2 comments

We have all heard the self—help notions revolving around “see it, believe it, and achieve it.” Read on... Read More


Motivation Tips from Navy SEALs Training

By Steve Dorsey, about 1 month ago with 4 comments

They had such a high drop out rate that they had to figure out a way to increase their success rate and not have to change the training program.. Read More


Cash Flow Crisis Averted?!?!?!?

By Isaac Moore, about 1 month ago with 0 comments

This is an update to my first wholesale deal that is not in my local market and did not have to see myself to sell. Read More


New Wholesaling Business - Nassau County Long Island NY

By Eric Stutz, 2 months ago with 2 comments

It's getting harder to find deals via MLSLI. I am going to start wholesaling in Nassau County Long Island to find myself and others more deals!!! Read More


Building Business Credit

By Ethan Bowen, about 1 month ago with 6 comments

This is my enlightenment from the “Establishing Corporate Credit & Credit Competency!” seminar! Read More


Driving For Dollars Is An Absolute Blast!

By Joe Kalis, about 1 month ago with 13 comments

I will become the Driving For Dollars king! Read More


What to Look For When Buying Your First Two Flat

By Mark Hafeli, about 1 month ago with 0 comments

What to look for when buying your first two flat. Read More


Building My Marketing Strategy

By Eric Metz, 6 months ago with 2 comments

My Marketing Strategy Overview Read More


How Trying to Make $100 Cost $3,000!

By Zach Sikes, about 1 month ago with 7 comments

See how an extra $100 cost one of my clients $3000 (and why you trust your agent/manager). Read More


Talking to sellers – The very beginning

By Michael Q., 2 months ago with 22 comments

Some key tips for talking with sellers that will help you and your real estate business . . . Read More


How to Use @Mentions on BiggerPockets

By Joshua Dorkin, 10 months ago with 32 comments

BiggerPockets now gives users the ability to @mention others on our forums and in blog comments, improving interactivity on our social network. Read More


Updates on 90 day challenge

By Junior Salters, about 1 month ago with 0 comments no. Read More

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