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Covenants with your investment property? Get to know your HOA.

By Frank Iglesias, over 1 year ago.

HOA?  The very mention of these three letters is quite effective for getting some emotional responses in a hurry in our market.  While some people speak respectably about thei...
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You've Done Your Marketing, the Phone is Ringing.....Now What?

By Jerry Puckett, 11 months ago.

I get this question all the time. I'm a big fan of using a script. That way I always know what to say, and can stay in control of the conversation.  Here is a sample script that I've...
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How sweet it is! Failure that is!

By Steven Johnson, about 1 month ago.

I'm paging my way through Jack Cummings "Real Estate Finance and Investment Manual. 9th Ed." Its an overly whelming intimidating book of 600 pages of information on real estate with so...
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Location! Location! Location!

By Freida Mccullough, almost 2 years ago.

We all have heard this saying a million times especially when purchasing a home-but how important is it really?  Here are some tips on finding the right location when purchasing a ho...
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Buying HOA Foreclosures

By Monica Breckenridge, 6 months ago.

With property values rising, many investors have moved away from the fix and flip market because the profit margins are no longer wide enough to invest the time and money. With intere...
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Buying a Rental Property - Step 4 of 8

By Dawn Anastasi, about 1 month ago.

Brandon Turner just posted a great article on a basic outline for how to buy a rental property on the Bigger Pockets blog. To follow up, here is step 4 of that outline, expanded based...
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03.08.14 Caved in Ceiling

By Michele Fischer, about 1 month ago.

We bought a duplex in 2010 with a 10-15 year old adequate roof. Our prior tenants let a hole in the ceiling develop (never contacted us), traced back to the improper installati...
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Buyers, why assume when you can ask?

By Frank Iglesias, about 1 month ago.

Buyers, why assume when you can ask? When you've been in the real estate for quite sometime chances are you will have learned by now that sellers come in different characters. ...
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Buying a Rental Property - Step 3 of 8

By Dawn Anastasi, about 1 month ago.

Here we are again. This is the fourth installment following Brandon Turner's outline on how to buy a rental property on the Bigger Pockets blog. Recap: Step 1 - Get Pre-Ap...
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Are you flushing money down the toilet?

By Cory Binsfield, 3 months ago.

Here's my latest comment to Brandon Turner's great blog post 3 Simple Landlord Mistakes Costing You Big Money I'd highly recommend you read his post to gain some insights on ho...
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Buying a Rental Property - Step 2 of 8

By Dawn Anastasi, about 1 month ago.

This is the third blog article in my series following up Brandon Turner's guide on the steps to buying a rental property. My first article was an overview of the 8 steps Brandon ...
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10 Non-Real Estate Books Real Estate Investors Should Read

By Andrew Syrios, about 1 month ago.

Much of real estate investing doesn't specifically relate to real estate, but instead is about personal habits and business practices that are applicable to a wide range of b...
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How to Create Passive Income with Joint Ventures in Commercial Property

By John Hanlin, about 4 years ago.

Investing in commercial property can be very rewarding and is one of the best ways for investors to create high yield "passive income". In fact, it is one of the most lucrative ...
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When Should You Quit?

By Scott Costello, 2 months ago.

I've been trying to become a wholesaler for the better part of 5 years now. My story is not to far off from many other people before me. I work a full time job, have a wife and an al...
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10 Best Practices in 1-4 Unit Investing for Agency/Conv. Financing

By Albert Bui, about 1 month ago.

1) Maintaining 720 or more fico is essential since mortgages number 5-10 require it to keep your source of conventional money available 2) Maintaining as a rule of ...
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