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The Challenge of Out of State Investing in Indianapolis

By Ben G., about 1 month ago.

I admire the courage many of you out of state Indianapolis investors have. Hopefully someday I have the knowledge and experience one needs to invest out of state. For now, I’m slowly...
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Writing Your Own Lease Agreement: The Devil's In The Details

By Drew Sygit, about 1 month ago.

Your lease should make life easier on you and on your tenants. If you’ve ever had reason to pay attention, you’d notice that most of the sizeable property management firms around...
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Questions newbies ask about buying rental property

By Dawn Anastasi, about 1 month ago.

Brandon Turner just posted a great article on a basic outline for how to buy a rental property on the Bigger Pockets blog. This is great as a basic outline, but I can imagine the...
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By Nasar Elarabi, about 1 month ago.

Where are the Motivated Sellers? The million dollar question of every Real estate investor, Newbie and aspiring investors is Where are the motivated sellers? Where do ...
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How To Handle Security Deposits

By Kareem Fleming, about 1 month ago.

Northern Virginia has many laws that differ from other states. This article will highlight some of those that pertain to security deposits. ...
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10 Mortgage Loan Officer Skills That Prepare Them For Variety Of Jobs

By Blake Alexander, about 1 month ago.

I'm not sure how much literature there is on this subject, and I'm not in human resources, but I've always had a sense that the skills required to be a successful mortgage loan origina...
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By Nasar Elarabi, about 1 month ago.

Hopefully you read the title and if this is you , I would Strongly recommend you changing your thoughts on this matter.. I know alot of people hate sales and often Sales people get ...
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Why you Should Build Yourself a Moat

By Adrian Tilley, about 1 month ago.

The BP Podcast has talked about creating a "competitive advantage" in your business. This is the same concept that Warren Buffett refers to as a "moat". Mr. Buffett won't buy any com...
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Here Is How Risky and Troubled Properties Can Be Opportunities

By Rob Cassam, about 1 month ago.

This month's newsletter has just been released! Check out the latest tips for tenants and users of commercial real estate space. In this issue... Risky And Troubled Pro...
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My first virtual assistant, I think I'm in love

By Deborah B., about 1 month ago.

I currently manage 28 properties including the 10 that came on board with the multi unit purchase. Of those 10, 7 needed a complete remodel. Each remodel has been initiated as we tu...
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SOS - Save Our System

By Frank Iglesias, about 1 month ago.

“The drainage is clogged, help!” “What’s wrong with this faucet, it’s dripping?” “Ewww, there's a bad smell in the toilet?” These are just few complaints that we ...
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How to Use @Mentions on BiggerPockets

By Joshua Dorkin, 6 months ago.

Hey Everyone! We wanted to start the New Year with style, so we've brought you a new feature that we think will better help you to connect and communicate with others here on the f...
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Ok, You've Signed Up for Now What?

By Joshua Dorkin, about 5 years ago.

You're a member of the premier real estate social network . . . now what?Here are some tips for getting started here on BiggerPockets: Fill in your profile - If you're here to networ...
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How Veterans can Leverage their benefits to Create Wealth through RE

By Albert Bui, about 1 month ago.

The VA has no title seasoning requirements in order to cash out using market value. This is a huge difference from conventional 1-4 lending because there are many restrict...
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To pay 5% rate and make a 5% rate even when it seems like a Wash

By Albert Bui, about 1 month ago.

When I usually ask clients the question above they usually say no they wouldn't do it and it doesn't make any sense because it'd be a break even, not worth the risk, whats the point ...
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