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Rehab #10, Stoneham – Project Financials & Details

By Justin Silverio, 19 days ago with 1 comment

Projected Rehab Analysis and Pictures on my Stoneham project Read More


I am thankful for... & Greedy corporations

By Ian Hoover, 18 days ago with 1 comment

Pass along I hope it gets somewhere. Read More


My Biggest Lessons From 3 Years as a Real Estate Investor

By Moses Kim, 2 months ago with 12 comments

We all make mistakes in real estate. We don't know what we don't know when we start out. Here are some of the lessons I've learned the hard way. Read More


My First (or not so First) Blog Post

By Justin Silverio, 23 days ago with 4 comments

An introduction to The Boston Investor Read More


First Post

By Christy Hall, 22 days ago with 2 comments

My first post on my journal on BiggerPockets. Read More


100% response rate to my first drive for dollars campaign!!

By Micah Copeland, 21 days ago with 1 comment

How to receive 100% response rate on direct mail. Read More


3 VA Loan House-Hacks for the Newbie Military Investor

By Tyler Flagg, about 1 month ago with 9 comments

The VA Loan is a complicated and often misunderstood program. However, the regulation proves to have many benefits for military real estate investors Read More


3 Tips for Getting Started in Commercial Real Estate Investing

By Peter Harris, about 1 month ago with 3 comments

Discover 3 tips to keep in mind when getting started with commercial real estate investing. Read More


Do I need a Business LOGO?

By Nasar Elarabi, about 1 month ago with 9 comments

Do I need a logo to start my real business? Read More


The Best Advice for New Wholesalers

By Stephen Barton, 29 days ago with 5 comments

Go get out there and make things happen. Just do it! Fail a few times like I did. The success you find in failing will only make you stronger! Read More


Jump in. You Can’t Imagine Where it May Lead.

By Jeff Rabinowitz, 5 months ago with 4 comments

My path as a real estate investor: lender, landlord, flipper, lender, builder. Don't be afraid to act. You don't need to know everything to succeed Read More


Landlord Hack #2 of 10 - Automatic Lease Renewals

By Bill S., 27 days ago with 0 comments

Automatic 12 month lease renewals allow for greater profitability and better life management. Read More


11.21.14 Landlord Association Encourages Renting to Criminals

By Michele Fischer, 27 days ago with 0 comments

Discusses some pros & cons to renting to folks with a criminal record, including the views of our local landlord association & our policy/experiences Read More


Don't Get Caught In Analysis Paralysis

By Ed Caldwell, 28 days ago with 0 comments

My advise from experience, is concentrate your money and efforts toward doing one simple straight forward deal if you are new. Worry about building y Read More


Starting to Build Wealth in Real Estate: The Surprise

By Jonathan Cope, about 1 month ago with 4 comments

When I dreamed of being a landlord, I expected that executing our plan would be critical. At times it has been, and at times we've been surprised. Read More

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