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How to Sell Your Inherited House

By Fitzgerald Hall, 21 days ago with 0 comments

Do you need to sell your inherited house? There are multiple reasons why you might inherit a house. This blog post will show you how. Read More


Calmness: An Invaluable Trait for a Real Estate Investor

By Jeremy Jones, 22 days ago with 0 comments

Cultivating mental calmness is invaluable in handling the steady stream of tasks, challenges, and problems that arise in real estate investing. Read More


Two Months in the Life of Low Income Landlording

By Michele Fischer, about 1 month ago with 4 comments

Checking in on how the first two months of the year have gone with our rentals Read More


Why Has My Mortgage Loan Been Sold?

By Blake Alexander, 24 days ago with 1 comment

Why has my mortgage loan been sold? A common (yet complex) question finally answered in a way that buyers / borrowers can understand. ? Read More


A Week in the Life of Low Income Landlording

By Michele Fischer, 24 days ago with 1 comment

Recap of the past week in landlording adventures Read More


How To Not Fail: Determining Demand in Buy-and-Hold Real Estate

By Brett Lee, about 1 month ago with 4 comments

Learn to quickly determine short and long-term demand for different properties in any target area. Read More


Conventional Financing For Foreigners....... What You Need To Qualify.

By Jerry Padilla, 24 days ago with 0 comments

Info on Foreigners Purchasing With Conventional Financing. Read More


The Single Most Important Mistake to Avoid as a New Wholesaler

By Lolita Sheriow, 24 days ago with 0 comments

?A lot of people think they have what it takes to begin their journey as a wholesale real estate investor but that is just not true. Here is why... Read More


Invest in Newburgh, are you Crazy? - I guess I am!

By Georgina Channer, 4 months ago with 4 comments

I didn't look at how scary Newburgh is, I looked at the numbers and was able to see that they work. And if it all goes to hell, it won't bankrupt me. Read More


Rehab #10.1 Stoneham - Staging Pictures

By Justin Silverio, 24 days ago with 0 comments

Staging pictures on my Stoneham project Read More


Mike's Week of Investing (ending 3/5/15)

By Mike H., 25 days ago with 5 comments

Another week or so of real estate investing. Read More


Why I'm Not a Flipper-Don't Kill the Goose!

By Cory Binsfield, 7 months ago with 22 comments

Why I'm not a flipper. A real life case study on buy and hold versus flipping from a part time real estate investor. Read More


3 Quick Speed Painting Tips and One Nasty Apartment

By Cory Binsfield, about 1 year ago with 5 comments

3 speed painting tips and the how to deal with nicotine stained walls. Read More


4 Ways To Buy Rentals With No Down Payment

By Kevin Amolsch, 8 months ago with 7 comments

Using no money down strategies can accelerate your success but you need to be careful. Learn 4 ways to buy with no money down and go do it right. Read More


Organizing a Plan to Save Homes From Floods

By Denise Martyn, 25 days ago with 0 comments

?Pretend for a moment that you will receive a warning that adverse weather conditions are on the way and your property will be flooded Read More

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