Estimating ARV Primer

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This 10-page document certainly isn't an "everything you need to know about doing appraisals and estimating resale value," but should be enough to teach anyone the basics of estimating ARV.

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  • No_avatar_small

    Every single aspiring real estate investor NEEDS to download this file! Properly and accurately determining ARV is absolutely essential if you are to have any success at all in real estate investing. As always, J delivers the goods. Thanks, Jason.

    George Lekas, over 2 years ago  

  • Small_1399703449-avatar-justinp

    Thanks, J Scott, this is great. I'm going to be talking with an agent friend of mine about pulling comps on my primary residence to help me decide whether to rent it or sell it. I now feel more prepared to understand and double check his work.

    Justin Prevatte, over 1 year ago  

  • Small_1399716679-avatar-junkalamode

    Is this no longer available? I tried to download, opened it in MS word and the whole file was encrypted.


    Zach Schaar, over 1 year ago  

  • Small_1399790404-avatar-youngandhungry

    Thanks J! You are the man! Great resource!

    Adam West, 5 months ago