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Forums » New Member Introductions » Newbie from Glendale, CA

Newbie from Glendale, CA

12 posts by 11 users


· Glendale, California

Hi All:

Let me start with what an amazing and informative site. Thank you for creating and maintaining this, Joshua. I'm also impressed with the knowledge of the members who post here and their willingness to share. Wish there was a site like this for stock investments.

I have 17-years experience as an apartment manager. Before that I worked in new track home construction as a finish foreman for painting and drywall contractors.

I find the stock market stressful and difficult to derive profit from. Thus, I'm hoping to invest in real estate. My plan of attack is to finance a few flips and build up my capital to the point where I can purchase a property to rent out.

Meanwhile, I want to learn about flipping to determine if it is something I want to do for myself. Problem is, I think properties in my area, Los Angeles, are too expensive for me to try and flip in.

At this point, I'll likely just be reading and learning from other's posts. However, I do have extensive knowledge in apartment management, leasing, make-ready and dealing with tenant issues. If anyone has questions in those areas, I'll be happy to share my experiences and thoughts.

Thanks everyone and best of luck in your real estate endeavors.
Fred Dray

Developer · Orange County, California

Welcome to BP! Did you see the new Beginners Guide for REI? Also, be sure to fill out the keyword alerts, it's at the top of the page, right side, under blue banner. There's several BP members in the Los Angeles area, so you might put that as one of your keywords.

Have fun!

Karen Margrave, Parlay Investments, 1st American Construction
E-Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 949-933-3955
PARLAY: definition: to increase or otherwise transform into something of much greater value

Wholesaler · Valley City, Ohio

Welcome Fred,
This is a fantastic site to network with other investors. I hear ya on the stock market being frustrating. To me it is like vegas, but when you loose money, you don't get a free meal or room! LOL!
If you are interested in your retirement planning through IRA's and 401Ks, I am sure there is plenty of stuff on her about self directed plans that will show you how to own and flip real estate tax free for your retirement. We sell to a lot of those folks in our market.
Good luck!!

Rehabber · Lexington, Kentucky

Fred welcome to BiggerPockets! I also agree with your thoughts on the stock market. I have done some investing in stocks since I was 17 or so and was really more lucky than good! I was able to walk away with some profits at the end of the day but found real estate investing gives me much more control over my investment.

Hope to see you around the forums.

Small_kvJames Vermillion, K&V Investing
E-Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 859-684-2511
Invested in the Bluegrass!

Rehabber · Santa Clarita, California

Welcome to BP Nation Fred, great to have another local So CAL investor on the site. Please do send me a colleague request at your convenience, I could be a great asset since I am so local to you and am a rehabber. Perhaps your aprtment managing skills can be a trade back to me.

Best wishes,


Small_be_logoWill Barnard, Barnard Enterprises, Inc.
E-Mail: [email protected]

Real Estate Investor · Riverside, California

Hey there Fred, I completly agree about the stocks, it was too much to learn and you have to have a lot of money to make money. I ended up starting to do rentals and wholesaling here in Riverside, Ca. I think teaming up is great for speeding up the fruit of our labor and Biggerpockets is a great place to get to know people and learn!

If ever you want to connect with me, I'm currently working on getting a team together... 951-266-6975 or facebook: If you have any questions for this area of California, I'm here!

· Glendale, California

Thanks everyone for you encouragement and support. Feels like a family here.

Karen, I appreciate the heads up about the key words. Otherwise, I would have overlooked using them.

I have to laugh at everyone's comments on the stock market. I agree with's like do what the precentages suggest...but you're always hoping for the one last thing to happen that will make you a winner. Unfortunately, the one last thing..if it occurs...usually results from good luck. And the worst part is the stomach churning one endures waiting for that good luck.

I so look forward to learning more about the real estate market and hopefully generating some income.

Will and Addiel, thanks for your introductions and I'll definitely be in touch.

Best of luck to all of you and everyone else on the site. I really feel fortunate to have found this.

Real Estate Investor · Los Angeles, California

Hi Fred,

Welcome. I am not too far from you in the Valley.

It sounds like you have some great experience already in management and with home construction.

I agree with you about the stock market as well...seems rare for people to make significant money in the stock market. Most of the people making money work for Wall street firms. You can control what stocks you invest in..but then you have no control over that investment.

I agree that properties in L.A are expensive, but I know that there are people flipping in L.A

I think it is probably harder now since there aren't many fixer REO properties on the market.

It seems like people in L.A will have to resort to doing direct marketing to buy homes directly from homeowners.

Looking forward to hearing about your experiences . I have a feeling you will have a lot to share with us on BP.

Real Estate Investor · Northern, California

Welcome to BP Fred!

Real Estate Investor · Los Angeles, California

Welcome Fred!

I have only been on this site for a week and to say that it's been exciting and informative is an understatement. I am so happy that I stumbled upon it after a Google search. As Karen has pointed out, you can use key words to search for specific subjects you're interested in.

Telephone: 323-207-6818

SFR Investor · Pt Hueneme, California

Welcome Fred, BP is a great site with a lot of information and expert advise.

Real Estate Investor · Los Angeles, California

Welcome Fred! This really is the greatest RE site because of the huge base of knowledge from its members! I'm also in Glendale and happy to help anyway possible.

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