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Allen Ladrillono

Real Estate Agent from San Diego, California

Feb 20 '13, 11:53 AM

What's up BP!

I am a Real Estate Sales Agent practicing primarily in the Greater San Diego Community. I come from a mother who practices as a CA Realtor as well as a father who is a General Contractor. I am relatively "green" to the industry but am fortunately to have a strong support system in the wings.

I'm looking to build my own reputation and i'm happy to have found an ideal forum to share my encounters as I am sure I am in for an adventure.

So quick, any words of advice for a young professional getting started?

Will Barnard Verified Moderator Donor

Real Estate Investor from Santa Clarita, California

Feb 20 '13, 03:01 PM

Allen, welcome to BP Nation. This biz is all about relationships so first words of advice, start forming them and never stop. Second, stay active on the site and engage the community with your questions.

Will Barnard

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James Vermillion Donor

Real Estate Investor from Lexington, Kentucky

Feb 20 '13, 05:02 PM

Welcome to BP Allen and +1 to what Will said! Also, please consider adding a profile picture, it really adds to the sense of community and enhances interaction among members.

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