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Dealing with your fears. Overcoming the excuses. Motivating yourself and each other to invest. Stop hiding your money under your mattress!

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Investing while Overseas
Started by Milton Johnson
8 Tiny_1399698864-avatar-fritzbucyrus Last post by James Wise
about 10 hours ago
Highest bidder on auction, what now?
Started by Kathy Lu
45 Tiny_1398858044-avatar-aly0705 Last post by Aly L
about 11 hours ago
what is your REI behavior?
Started by Jennifer Lee
2 Tiny_1430125443-avatar-davidactor Last post by David Lichtenstein
about 15 hours ago
Whats your strategy with Unapproved short sales?
Started by Rod Desinord
3 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Karen Lawrence
1 day ago
What no one says about using OPM (other people's money)
Started by Ron Thomas
12 Tiny_1423288592-avatar-thisislarue Last post by Tarik Larue
2 days ago
Started by Oyoshy Santos
6 Tiny_1429477033-avatar-bluemoon06 Last post by Cliff Odom
3 days ago
50% Rule and Rehab house
Started by Shannon Fong
1 Tiny_1399544991-avatar-rbeland Last post by Rob Beland
4 days ago
Investing While Living Abroad
Started by Brandon Curson
10 Tiny_1401735598-avatar-andy_mirza Last post by Andreas Mirza
4 days ago
BiggerPocket podcast
Started by Miki Maruyama
6 Tiny_1427923569-avatar-carolw2 Last post by Carol Wilhite
4 days ago
Analyzing my first property and I have a strategy question
Started by Jeb Brilliant
6 Tiny_1428577482-avatar-joshb21 Last post by Josh Bakhshi
6 days ago
Secured Investment
Started by Tom Kelly
8 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Tom Kelly
6 days ago
BEST CALL EVER!!! (Sarcasm)
Started by Shane Woods
20 Tiny_1399562700-avatar-shaneintx Last post by Shane Woods
6 days ago
Have you used Airbnb?
Started by Ryan D.
12 Tiny_1429621335-avatar-david_o Last post by David Ocon
6 days ago
Becoming A Millionaire Is A Letdown
Started by Bryan Hancock
25 Tiny_1429751332-avatar-needonemore Last post by Bob Beeler
7 days ago
cap rate in Kalamazoo
Started by Stephan Haas
3 Tiny_1399736631-avatar-nmiersma Last post by Nate Miersma
7 days ago
What kind of car do you drive?
Started by Jeff Sims
285 Tiny_1413520368-avatar-1legitinvestor Last post by Adam Ng
8 days ago
6 No_avatar_tiny Last post by JASON BURKLOW
9 days ago
90% of you won't do anything!!!! But why?
Started by Rod Desinord
33 Tiny_1409757363-avatar-fjr Last post by Frank R.
10 days ago
How do you know if a mentor (or person) is full of s%!t
Started by Martin Sterling
12 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Jai Reddy
10 days ago

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