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Anyone have experience with vinyl plank flooring?

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Lisa B.

Real Estate Investor from Rockledge, Florida

Jan 27 '10, 11:28 PM

My husband finished our 1800 sq ft basement with this. It looks beautiful, isn't noisy like laminate, is indestructible and comes up easily. We love it. Wish I had it everywhere.

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Jay B

from Winnipeg, Manitoba

Jan 28 '10, 12:47 AM

Thanks devnic, but I have one question, what do you mean by 'it comes up easily'?


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Brian Haskins

Real Estate Investor from St. Louis, Missouri

Feb 01 '10, 01:21 AM

It holds up good to wear and tear but I would recommend against it because it won't hold up against water. It will buckle.

Brian Haskins

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from OR

Feb 05 '10, 03:27 PM

I have no idea what flooring you are considering.

There is a vinyl plank floor that is simply peel and stick in a long format. I don't use peel and stick.

There is a floating vinyl plank (allure is one brand) that is quite tough, not very flexible, and it's very hard to cut. It has pre-glued edges that you hook together. You can see it in use sometimes in grocery stores and Walmarts.

I've used that kind and it looks great and so far has survived 3 batches of tenants.

The salesman will tell you to cut it to shape with a linoleum knife or box cutter. That will work if you are an 800 pound gorilla who lifts weights. Next time, I will cut it with a chop saw with an extra fine blade.

If you make a mistake, you can pull the edges apart easily. I hope that if the tenants ever damage the floor that I can pull up a plank and replace it. The planks do not come up or get displaced on their own.

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Lisa B.

Real Estate Investor from Rockledge, Florida

Feb 06 '10, 06:36 AM


It comes up easily when you want to take it up. The planks do not stick to the floor but to each other and float on top of the floor.

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Baylee B

from Dalton, Georgia

Mar 11 '10, 06:39 PM

Originally posted by devnic:

It comes up easily when you want to take it up. The planks do not stick to the floor but to each other and float on top of the floor.

That's correct and whenever the person wishes to change the flooring they can do it very easily. Vinyl flooring will enhance the look of the house. Even the person can select vinyl floor tiles as there are so many benefits. The confrontation to stain and moisture makes vinyl flooring tiles a good contender as we can install these tiles in such areas as the basement, kitchen or the bathroom.

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from OR

Mar 12 '10, 02:51 AM
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My son is midway through installing one right now.

He put the wood look in one kitchen and it has held up well. So now he is doing a laundry room, bathroom, and kitchen in the tile look Allure plank.

Having learned from the last install, he bought a super fine blade for his chop saw, and it makes the job much easier.

There is more waste with the tile look, because the "grout lines" have to be matched up. There was virtually no waste with the wood look.

It goes down really fast if the room is square and the walls are straight. It's slower when there are lots of closets and some diagonal walls, but when the floor shape is complex, it is a lot easier to fit than sheet vinyl.

I scrubbed the old floor and the new floating plank goes right over the top of the old vinyl floor.

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Art Lee

from Menlo Park, California

Mar 16 '10, 10:50 PM

These laminated wood planks are good. I don't think they'll get damaged as fast from water exposure. However, it will depend on the quality of the actual stocks. Check out the reviews, if available, on the products per brand.

Good Luck! :)

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from OR

Mar 25 '10, 02:29 AM

While I'm thinking about it (just finished installing 3 rooms of Allure)

If you have any complicated cuts, slip some of the waxed paper that comes with the planks between the glue strips and then you can check to see if your cuts fit correctly without the glue strips sticking together.

Edited Jun 26 2010, 12:13

Chris Calabrese

Residential Real Estate Agent from Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

Mar 26 '10, 10:47 PM

I had these installed by a professional in a commerical application, and they definitely look better then laminate and are pretty much indestructible. Your biggest issue would be with moisture (i.e. in a basement or laundry room), but that's true with any glue-down floor I guess.

Edited Jun 26 2010, 12:14

Luis A.

Real Estate Investor from Atlanta, Georgia

Mar 26 '10, 11:07 PM

They are long lasting and look good. What you need to consider is what you want them for. If it is for an investment property I don't like them because it is more expensive than regular vinyl yet it has no added benefit other thank looking slightly better than regular vinyl.

If it is for a property you are selling I still don't like them because it is after all still vinyl and does not add value to the property. I can get hardwoods for a bit more than the cost of this and nobody can argue against hardwood.

Edited Jun 26 2010, 12:14

Jay B

from Winnipeg, Manitoba

Mar 28 '10, 11:21 PM

qkjones - you are correct, except that the benefit it has over regular vinyl is that (I think) it's easier to patch.

Thanks everyone for their thoughts and opinions. I've decided to simply go tile and laminate, as I've had good results with them in my other rentals.
I think this vinyl plank would work, but it's a lot of money to try, and depending on which reviews you read, and which produce you get, I question the longevity and wearability of it.

Edited Jun 26 2010, 12:15

Art Lee

from Menlo Park, California

Apr 10 '10, 01:24 AM

Hi! Hope you have good results with your flooring. Durability will depend on its material which you can easily check. Lower quality are usually thinner than average.

Edited Jun 26 2010, 12:25

Scott Karg

Real Estate Investor from Jarrettsville, Maryland

Feb 13 '11, 03:42 AM

I just put it down in my latest rental, I love it and will put it in all of my rentals from here on out.

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