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This forum covers real estate investor marketing, including using print, direct mail, the internet, or classifieds for finding deals or to promote your real estate investing career.

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Kansas City
Started by Philip Charlton
14 Tiny 1417630911 avatar kctonyg Last post by Anthony Gayden
about 11 hours ago
Real Estate Investor Squeeze Pages
Started by Zachary S.
13 Tiny 1431751343 avatar saulgmac Last post by Angel Garcia
about 11 hours ago
Need Wholesale Contract for Washington State
Started by Josh Reynolds
1 No avatar tiny Last post by Sean Tamman
about 12 hours ago
Online Marketing Primary method
Started by Matt Ellis
4 Tiny 1399678084 avatar deverix Last post by Dev Horn
about 13 hours ago
Upside Down Property with a Adjustable Mortgage
Started by Kimberly Wirz
3 Tiny 1437972243 avatar kurtb2 Last post by Kurt Brumfield
about 20 hours ago
REALLY need help with Craigslist flagging and blocking...Input please?
Started by Chris Thigpen
16 Tiny 1425914546 avatar christ12 Last post by Chris Thigpen
1 day ago
Seattle wholesaleing
Started by Keith Ellis
8 Tiny 1418433047 avatar keithe Last post by Keith Ellis
1 day ago
Started by Carl Hunter
2 Tiny 1435270942 avatar carlh3 Last post by Carl Hunter
1 day ago
Started by Adam Kent
0 Tiny 1399859415 avatar ajkent Last post by Adam Kent
2 days ago
Examples of Guerrilla Marketing, Whatcha got?
Started by Bill R.
0 Tiny 1406469006 avatar sentilel Last post by Bill R.
2 days ago
Growing philadelphia area wholesaler cash buyer list.
Started by Marc Oister
9 Tiny 1399649941 avatar apjoseph8 Last post by Antoine Joseph
3 days ago
Finding Deals in LA.. MLS??
Started by Jorvon Smith
6 Tiny 1437982255 avatar elder jorvon Last post by Jorvon Smith
3 days ago
1st Post Card Mailing Campaign
Started by Kevin Carbon
39 Tiny 1421154647 avatar jimb6 Last post by Jim Brown
3 days ago
Real Estate Investor Marketing Techniques
Started by Kevin Fickert
2 Tiny 1425566932 avatar kevinf2 Last post by Kevin Fickert
3 days ago
Need help with marketing!
Started by Roberta James
7 Tiny 1434195573 avatar rjames2015 Last post by Roberta James
3 days ago
Automated Texting Service
Started by Gregory Hodges
0 No avatar tiny Last post by Gregory Hodges
3 days ago
KCMO Cashflow VS. Appreciation
Started by Doris W.
0 No avatar tiny Last post by Doris W.
3 days ago
Investor's money question.
Started by Patrick Russell
2 Tiny 1429446522 avatar prussell Last post by Patrick Russell
3 days ago
Seeking DOM stats for Tarrant and Denton counties
Started by David Tankersley
1 Tiny 1425002936 avatar tucmar Last post by Marc Tuckey
4 days ago

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