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This forum covers using print, direct mail, the internet, or classifieds for marketing real estate or your real estate investing career.

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Does anyone have experience with Property Radar Lists in California?
Started by Barry Smith
11 Tiny_1399602062-avatar-tfarrell Tim Farrell
about 6 hours ago
Probate Follow ups
Started by Kristopher Raepple
5 No_avatar_tiny Sam S.
about 6 hours ago
Marketing for"Subject to" Sellers
Started by Phillip Dooley
2 No_avatar_tiny Phillip Dooley
about 18 hours ago
non owner occupied list for Houston TX
Started by Frank Francois
2 No_avatar_tiny Frank Francois
1 day ago
Best marketing response rates
Started by Peggy L.
15 Tiny_1399283524-avatar-investinrealtor Justin Pierce
1 day ago
How should an attorney new to investing marketing themselves?
Started by Dee Cee
5 Tiny_1410646398-avatar-sablew Sable Weldon
2 days ago
CPC Internet marketing Strategy to generate leads
Started by Khaliq King
0 Tiny_1410634324-avatar-klking08 Khaliq King
3 days ago
Mailing Lists for Inherited Properties?
Started by Jim M.
4 Tiny_1410582524-avatar-jimmc Jim M.
3 days ago
Repeat mailing to same list -- results?
Started by Sam S.
0 No_avatar_tiny Sam S.
3 days ago
Best Opening lines for cold call/door knock for distressed homeowners
Started by Larry Chafe
2 Tiny_1406080889-avatar-antoniocoleman Antonio Coleman
3 days ago
Best tool for marketing
Started by Olivier LePage
7 Tiny_1399666096-avatar-neorei Stephen Fryer
4 days ago
Finding Motivated Sellers
Started by Stephen Barton
2 Tiny_1399660436-avatar-davidray David Ray
4 days ago
Are Bandit Signs Effective?
Started by Christopher Williams
5 Tiny_1399654391-avatar-stankc Chris K.
4 days ago
Direct Mail Campaign Update
Started by Larmon Cummings Jr
18 Tiny_1410387705-avatar-bpgbuys Barton Wallace
5 days ago
Mailing lists for Kansas
Started by Jim Viens
4 Tiny_1403065703-avatar-jmviens Jim Viens
5 days ago
Getting experience Cold Calling
Started by Shaun Reilly
10 Tiny_1399573203-avatar-garymcgowan Gary McGowan
7 days ago
How long does it take for SEO to be effective?
Started by Sam S.
18 Tiny_1399463644-avatar-smreilly Shaun Reilly
7 days ago
Best campaign for direct mail results?
Started by Cortez Robbs
19 Tiny_1399744017-avatar-stevejb86 Steve Buchanan
7 days ago
Another Strange Caller
Started by Michael Q.
33 Tiny_1406734087-avatar-conductor Bryan K.
8 days ago

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