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This forum covers real estate investor marketing, including using print, direct mail, the internet, or classifieds for finding deals or to promote your real estate investing career.

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Cash buyers wanted !!!!
Started by Malik Cole
0 Tiny 1428275398 avatar malikc Last post by Malik Cole
17 minutes ago
SFR Rehab in Darby, PA
Started by Davon Lowery
0 Tiny 1425369701 avatar davonl Last post by Davon Lowery
17 minutes ago
Tax Delinquent List from County Preventing Creating Mailing List
Started by Roy K.
1 Tiny 1435809296 avatar budl Last post by Bud Leiser
about 1 hour ago
Thoughts on strategies for direct mail...
Started by Courtney Murray
4 Tiny 1433546379 avatar courtneymbhi Last post by Courtney Murray
about 2 hours ago
Ultimate guide and checklist to lead generation
Started by Roc Pilon
4 Tiny 1435536271 avatar akeemo Last post by Akeem Ogle
about 6 hours ago
Your thoughts on cold calling new filed Probate cases.
Started by Raden Mantuano
5 Tiny 1435095075 avatar radenlmantuano Last post by Raden Mantuano
about 7 hours ago
Is there a thing as a fraudulent investor?
Started by Stephanie Beard
34 Tiny 1420225463 avatar stephaniebeard Last post by Stephanie Beard
about 10 hours ago
First home purchaser
Started by Gabriel Welch
8 Tiny 1404174868 avatar deniselevans Last post by Denise Evans
about 12 hours ago
Driving for Dollars
Started by Bhairavi Patel
3 Tiny 1433267895 avatar aaron63 Last post by Aaron Vaughn
1 day ago
How to find deals.
Started by Orlando Jimenez
4 Tiny 1428589586 avatar andrew davis Last post by Andrew Davis
1 day ago
Started by Eddie Aydag
2 Tiny 1406233129 avatar passveincome4me Last post by Chris L.
1 day ago
Direct Mail Campaign Results - Comments & Suggestions Welcome
Started by Chris Bounds
12 Tiny 1406233129 avatar passveincome4me Last post by Chris L.
1 day ago
how to talk to ALL potential sellers
Started by Rod Coleman
32 Tiny 1406233129 avatar passveincome4me Last post by Chris L.
1 day ago
What's the Worst Thing a Potential Seller Has Said to You?
Started by Andrew Herrig
3 Tiny 1399596952 avatar dchan189 Last post by Danny Chan
1 day ago
Can someone help me with a mail merge?
Started by Arthur Botting
7 No avatar tiny Last post by George Allen
1 day ago
The best business card
Started by Ryan Billingsley
7 Tiny 1426174302 avatar pittsburghreia Last post by Josh Caldwell
1 day ago
Direct mail 1 year later
Started by Frank Chirkinian
45 Tiny 1413598058 avatar wubbieta Last post by Shawn Corcoran
2 days ago
How have you found your properties? Here is how I found mine.
Started by Larry T.
56 Tiny 1406122198 avatar ltbp Last post by Larry T.
2 days ago
Rebogateway or Listsource?
Started by David DiMauro
5 Tiny 1399719493 avatar janeg Last post by Jane George
2 days ago

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