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Real Estate Investor Marketing Help & Advice

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This forum covers real estate investor marketing, including using print, direct mail, the internet, or classifieds for finding deals or to promote your real estate investing career.

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When targeting probates, how far out do you go?
Started by Abraham Hodroj
8 Tiny 1430802053 avatar rtpg1 Last post by Rick Harmon
about 4 hours ago
Investor Carrot for a real estate agent/investor?
Started by Gerald Harris
0 Tiny 1404579906 avatar savehouses Last post by Gerald Harris
about 8 hours ago
2nd Post:: Valpak along with other services.
Started by Jesus Chavez
4 Tiny 1440527841 avatar markn9 Last post by Mark Nelson
about 11 hours ago
Started by Justin Hackney
3 Tiny 1434178992 avatar hackney1856 Last post by Justin Hackney
about 13 hours ago
Pocket Listing Referral Fee?
Started by Patti Camarote
5 Tiny 1440192412 avatar pattic4 Last post by Patti Camarote
about 15 hours ago
Tax Adviser in North Dallas
Started by Rivy Segal
3 Tiny 1441199621 avatar marcd6 Last post by Marc Dupuis
about 15 hours ago
Good Keywords for Pay per click
Started by Stuart Birdsong
6 Tiny 1440007726 avatar danb32 Last post by Dan Barrett
about 17 hours ago
Contracting and IT Services in Real Estate
Started by James Wright
3 Tiny 1399748531 avatar j wright Last post by James Wright
about 18 hours ago
Finding buy and hold properties.
Started by Terry H.
1 Tiny 1407946118 avatar mi Last post by George P.
about 19 hours ago
Started by Luther McIntosh
1 Tiny 1439639337 avatar mmctaw Last post by Marvin McTaw
about 19 hours ago
Mailing list criteria: Equity% vs LTV
Started by Dom Allen
4 Tiny 1432169020 avatar stubirdsong Last post by Stuart Birdsong
about 20 hours ago
Chicago Wholesaler
Started by Kahil Ortiz
2 Tiny 1399738227 avatar shyneeveryday Last post by Larmon Cummings Jr
1 day ago
Possibly entering a partnership, what is the usual arrangment?
Started by John Crandell
9 Tiny 1399750047 avatar hackman101 Last post by John Crandell
1 day ago
yellow letters to absentee owners
Started by Tiffany Robinson
18 Tiny 1440513647 avatar rebeccap5 Last post by Rebecca Pokorski
1 day ago
Referral coupon code - good idea? bad idea?
Started by Roberto Pineda
2 No avatar tiny Last post by Roberto Pineda
1 day ago
Sign Stapler vs. Sign Hammer for Bandit Signs
Started by Brooks Conkle
11 Tiny 1441214526 avatar stumpinator Last post by Sal Pizzurro
1 day ago
Feedback on a potential domain name?
Started by Karen Musselman
16 Tiny 1440527798 avatar karenm17 Last post by Karen Musselman
1 day ago
How can I get money out of my investment rental property?
Started by Holly Sirois
2 Tiny 1441114301 avatar hollys2 Last post by Holly Sirois
2 days ago
Hello BP Can You Help Please?
Started by David S.
12 Tiny 1436750632 avatar michaelquarles Last post by Michael Quarles
2 days ago

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