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Small 1398785885 avatar kygregor

Kyle Gregory

Real Estate Investor
liberty township, OH

This user has posted 150 times and started 15 topics.

Discussion Replies Last Post
Investor seeks apprenticeship...scam?
Started by N/A N/A
15 Tiny 1427641856 avatar patc5 Last post by Pat C.
about 24 hours ago
Bought home, found out someone died in it.
Started by N/A N/A
28 Tiny 1398785941 avatar wexeter Last post by Bill Exeter
11 days ago
Where does the 50% rule come from?
Started by Matthew Mucker
222 Tiny 1426939009 avatar edrenckh Last post by Eric D.
about 1 month ago
Help me understand this deal and 50%, 2% rule
Started by Matthew Stover
83 No avatar tiny Last post by Mike Smith
almost 3 years ago
Don't quit your day job?
Started by Brandon Ellis
60 Tiny 1399562331 avatar kene Last post by Kenneth E.
almost 3 years ago
You know you're a real estate investor when...
Started by Tim W.
110 No avatar tiny Last post by Account Closed
over 3 years ago
Lease Options
Started by Justin Putt
16 Tiny 1436651668 avatar mr95006 Last post by Marv Rousselow
almost 4 years ago
Lease Option Question
Started by N/A N/A
10 Tiny 1433973366 avatar financexaminer Last post by Bill Gulley
over 4 years ago
tankless water heaters for apartments?
Started by Mark Hu
23 Tiny 1399486886 avatar reopps Last post by Taylor Adams
almost 5 years ago
Tax deductions when running errands for my properties
Started by Ryan McBride
9 No avatar tiny Last post by Account Closed
about 5 years ago
What else do you invest in besides real estate?
Started by John M.
79 Tiny 1399404146 avatar gonzo Last post by Jonathan Gonzalez
over 5 years ago
Out Estate Investments
Started by Jeff Weissman
17 Tiny 1399403331 avatar adam harrison Last post by Adam Harrison
over 5 years ago
Started by Kyle Gregory
42 Tiny 1398788158 avatar pnw Last post by P NW
almost 6 years ago
Buy High / Sell Low
Started by Harrison Painter
11 Tiny 1437069946 avatar mountainjoepa Last post by Joe Pitrolo
about 6 years ago
keep open or close
Started by Kyle Gregory
6 Tiny 1399344689 avatar franko Last post by Frank Kriticos
over 6 years ago

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