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Matthew j. T.

Real Estate Investor
Albuquerque, New Mexico

This user has posted 156 times and started 38 topics.

Discussion Replies Last Post
Creating fake craigslist ads to attract buyers for buyers list?
Started by Kevin Coffman
26 No avatar tiny Last post by Randy E.
3 months ago
Discrete Assignment Fee
Started by Matthew j. T.
85 Tiny 1410769049 avatar dcooley61 Last post by Darnell Cooley
5 months ago
Wholesale Tax Implications
Started by Dylan Dell
14 No avatar tiny Last post by Richard C.
8 months ago
Bigger Pockets App or Mobile Site
Started by Stephen McKee
15 Tiny 1401219314 avatar apothem Last post by Jonathan Quintanilla
about 1 year ago
Selling homes without a license is a 3rd degree felony
Started by Dennis Marshall
60 Tiny 1434903723 avatar wakeproperties Last post by Chris Martin
about 2 years ago
What is the difference between wholesaling subject to and a mortgage assignment?
Started by Matthew j. T.
22 Tiny 1422047928 avatar subjectto Last post by Eric Brown
almost 3 years ago
Absentee owners..accessing property?
Started by Matthew j. T.
4 Tiny 1398871067 avatar ncarey Last post by Ned Carey
about 3 years ago
How do I make Assignment of Contract?
Started by Matthew j. T.
9 Tiny 1399526687 avatar it guy Last post by Lokesh W.
over 3 years ago
Question about Advertising property under contract?
Started by Matthew j. T.
28 Tiny 1399592475 avatar wholesaleking12 Last post by Martin CS
over 3 years ago
Do you remember your first wholesale deal?
Started by Matthew j. T.
7 Tiny 1399554235 avatar julieann Last post by Julie Groth
almost 4 years ago
Is it a good idea to get a real estate licence?
Started by Matthew j. T.
33 Tiny 1399292835 avatar venomousviper Last post by Rich Weese
almost 4 years ago
How to evaluate ARV of fourplex?
Started by Matthew j. T.
3 Tiny 1398852619 avatar flip coach Last post by Andrew Massaro
almost 4 years ago
Started by Troy Michaels
20 Tiny 1416943267 avatar barnardinc Last post by Will Barnard
almost 4 years ago
Top 10 ways to secure a "retail buyer" list
Started by Jason Cousar
4 Tiny 1399541436 avatar mt971x Last post by Matthew j. T.
almost 4 years ago
Whats the difference between a "commission" and a "fee"?
Started by Dan Krause
4 Tiny 1399541436 avatar mt971x Last post by Matthew j. T.
about 4 years ago

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