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Samuel S.

Real Estate Investor

This user has posted 41 times and started 8 topics.

Discussion Replies Last Post
Portfolio lenders - for owner occupants only? (Georgia)
Started by Andrea F.
6 Tiny 1399315588 avatar jonk Last post by Jon Klaus
over 1 year ago
Out of state investing feasibility?
Started by Nicholas Morris
31 No avatar tiny Last post by Samuel S.
over 3 years ago
help on first deal
Started by JOE SNEAD
10 Tiny 1399436910 avatar blackbelt Last post by Joel Owens
over 3 years ago
Would like opinions on this property
Started by Nicholas Morris
4 Tiny 1399425119 avatar firepro Last post by Ray S.
over 3 years ago
Tennessee and Northern Atlanta investors...
Started by Andy M.
5 Tiny 1399504456 avatar kp1 Last post by Kevin Perk
over 3 years ago
How long did it take you to go from full time job to full time investor
Started by Michael Zuber
40 Tiny 1399588804 avatar gmurphy319 Last post by Geoffrey Murphy
over 3 years ago
Buying First Rental Property Any Formula?
Started by Adrian Williams
10 Tiny 1399546781 avatar chelcy315 Last post by Chelsea F.
about 4 years ago
Cash Investor Looking to add to Rental Portfolio
Started by Warren Foster
31 Tiny 1399541318 avatar mar1319c Last post by Anthony C
about 4 years ago
Price on Carpet for Rehab?
Started by Joey Fontenot III
13 Tiny 1399491314 avatar graymack Last post by Mike Grayford
over 4 years ago
How do you count your deals?
Started by Will Barnard
31 Tiny 1416943267 avatar barnardinc Last post by Will Barnard
over 4 years ago
2 potential deals - which one?
Started by Brad B.
8 Tiny 1399506523 avatar bradb Last post by Brad B.
over 4 years ago
3rd Rental thanks to BP
Started by Samuel S.
9 No avatar tiny Last post by Account Closed
over 4 years ago
How to improve Credit Score from 600....
Started by Casey Mack
11 Tiny 1399359170 avatar ziv2liv Last post by Eddie Ziv
over 5 years ago
GC's markup, how much
Started by Bienes Raices
7 Tiny 1400598244 avatar greatbigtuna Last post by Jason Fant
over 5 years ago
senior housing condo
Started by Samuel S.
4 Tiny 1398792271 avatar ofgift Last post by N.A N.A
almost 6 years ago

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