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Currently been living in Phoenix for the past 11 years, originally from Pasadena, CA. I have a son that I enjoy spending lots of quality time with along with friends and family. I consider myself an adrenalin junkie so I do lots of adventure travel to take care of that bug.


I have been investing in real estate full time for 8 years now. I started out fixing and flipping by using the "Subject to" strategy when I first started. Made lots of money and also lost a ton of money with the crash. For the past 3 years my business partner Marty Boardman created an investment firm that we manage and still fix and flip.

Real Estate Goals

Currently we have a seller financing model that we are putting together and looking for long term investors to implement it. Once this is rolling along we will transition from fix and flipping and focus our attention on Seller Financing.

Currently Seeking

Always looking to mastermind with like minded individuals that are actively in the game and also looking for long term investment capital.




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