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Im originally from Columbus, Ohio, but have lived in several cities including Cincinnati, Palm Desert, San Jose, San Diego, Colorado Springs, briefly in Tucson..and finally St Louis. Ive always been on a quest to figure everything out. Although I love learning, I never felt like school was my thing. I gave college a shot a few times, mainly because i wanted a different life than what i had known and thought that this was the way to being successful.I just never have fit that mold- Ive always been independent and ive always been able to "figure things out" and " make things happen" when needed. I think this naturally made me an entrepreneur.


My real estate experience actually began at early age of probably 7. At about this age I remember being teased by a neighbor kid about the conditions of our house. This among other things provided motivation and subconsciously sparked my interest in Real Estate. My drive has always been to provide a better house for my mom, unfortunately I always wanted it to happen too quick because i always felt I was running out of time.. Ironically this wasted time! Little off track there, my actual first job in RE was for a REO broker here in ST Louis about 10years ago - doing OCC checks,Rekeys,Clean outs etc..This led to my construction co. and my rental properties. I also started a company called Salon Lofts in columbus with basically no money or real training of any sort. It was at the time a pretty unique concept of providing mini salons to self employed cosmetologists. It was a mix of Real estate and cosmetology. My girlfriend at the time was a stylist, so this mix worked perfectly. We broke up we sold it CHEAP, the buyer is raking in cash! But it gave me a real sense of achievement and confidence that i can get anything done one way or another.

Real Estate Goals

My Real Estate goals include the ability to purchase more freely, more rentals, and play a part in my neighborhood revitalization.


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