Cecil D.

Clementon, New Jersey

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I'm an easy going guy and enjoy many activities including golfing, fishing, billiards, public service and many more. I'm always available to help and receive help. Don't hesitate to contact me if you think I could be of service to you.


Professional Real estate investor with experience providing solutions for distressed and absentee homeowners. We buy ugly homes and buy homes for cash. Whether you're facing adversities like foreclosure or otherwise, you can sell your property quickly and I'll work with you to achieve a satisfactory solutions for all parties involved.

Real Estate Goals

My main goal in real estate include helping as many people as possible to avoid unfortunate life events like foreclosure, carrying two mortgages unnecessarily, stretching finances thin because of home repairs and things of that nature. Many people want to sell their home fast but might have an ugly house, or rental property in need of repairs and become discouraged. The truth is, we buy any real property fast, big repairs and all. If you're thinking, man, I need to sell my property now, then give me a call, or skype me right now. Unlike a real estate agent that will want you to spend money out of pocket on repairs and take 6% of your money, we want to put money in your pocket and we'll handle all the repairs.

Currently Seeking

Is your property located in the Burlington, Mercer, Camden, Gloucester County region or anywhere in the South Jersey region and are you in need an exit strategy out of your real estate dilemma ASAP. If that's you, contact me ASAP and I'll consult with you at no charge, work with you to reach the best resolution. But first, Visit http://alwaysabigdeal.com, fill out the form as thoroughly as possible and someone will contact you right away for that free consultation. You'll be glad you did. Just log onto http://alwaysabigdeal.com, see you there!




New Jersey

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Began Investing June 2001
Member Since April 17, 2013
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